This is What Democracy Produces


This is a brief entry on the results of the 2016 US electoral extravaganza based on a comment I made on Roland Boer’s blog, Stalin’s Moustache:

I am quite surprised that the American ruling class decided to appoint, or if you like, allow, Trump to have the presidency. I was absolutely certain that Hillary was the one they had hired for the job. I think Clinton was the one they originally wanted, but they changed their minds even as recent as a week or two ago. I am convinced they could have intervened to hack the voting machines if they wanted to, but decided to let it ride for a variety of reasons that are not hard to guess if you pay close attention to the new media narrative about the “white working class” (which they are now happy to talk about in the context of their collective right-wingyness) being fed up and how now we have proof that the “elections are not rigged” and the billionaire outsider / anti-establishment candidate (?!!) was able to win against all odds – this could only happen in the land of freedom and democracy, right? The US ruling class owners had to disprove the assertion of Julian Assange who claimed that “Trump would not be permitted to win.”

Also, I wouldn’t get too excited about a major change in foreign policy as some have suggested. Donald Trump would never have gotten the Republican nomination if he really did not meet some minimum level of acceptability for the ruling class – of which he is definitely a part, by the way. US imperialism may undergo a sort of a reset, but will continue its quest for global domination albeit much more cautiously and perhaps more covertly. While Hillary’s favorite enemy during the campaign was clearly Russia, Trump spoke quite frequently about the supposed threat of China. Anyone who claims that a vote for Trump was an unequivocal vote for anti-imperialism and peace, as the editorial position of RT seems to be, is a goddamn fool – or a liar.

I do still maintain that the American working class or the masses in general do not have any power over the US government and do not really select the president in particular. One clue that reveals this fact is that it looks like Clinton won the popular vote while losing the electoral college and hence the election for only the fifth time in American history. Also, the media began to signal very early on election night that a Trump victory was likely. I found this to be suspicious. I also found it interesting that Putin mentioned a week or two ago that there could be a surprise on election day! Was some kind of deal worked out between Russian and American elites? One thing is for certain, as far as I am concerned, all is not as it appears to be.

One final and very important point I would like to make is that it would be a terrible mistake to see Trump’s appointment as a sign of a popular, progressive “revolution” against the system. All you have to do is be reminded of Trump’s campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” There is no secret what this means to the mass of American white trash. They want to turn the clock back; to them, America is not right-wing enough! It is important to analyze, if and when such stats become available, the precise reasons why people voted for Trump. Some otherwise decent people, mistakenly and foolishly in my opinion, voted for Trump as a protest or anti-establishment vote – but others voted for very reactionary reasons.

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2 Responses to This is What Democracy Produces

  1. beetleypete says:

    There are parallels with the ‘protest’ vote in the UK against the EU. However, we voted knowing what to expect. Those who voted for Trump- whatever their reasons – have absolutely no idea what he will think of next. As to his promises and stated policies, he is unlikely to get any of them passed by Congress, even though it has a Republican majority.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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