Old-Fashioned and Misguided Morality


Most people, at least in the US, that I have observed seem to have a moral code that is heavily imbued with religious overtones, even if they aren’t regular church-goers or overtly religious at all. I have even met self-described atheists who take great pleasure in bashing religion who nonetheless have their general worldview and thought processes tainted by supernatural or Manichaean thinking; it is a conservative disorder where everything is simplistically defined as either this or that, black or white, good or evil.

According to Elaine Pagels, quoted in Right-Wing Populism:

“Many religious people who no longer believe in Satan, along with countless others who do not identify with any religious tradition, nevertheless are influenced by this cultural legacy whenever they perceive social and political conflict in terms of the forces of good contending against the forces of evil in the world.”

Anyone who thinks in this way is going to be very confused and come to incorrect conclusions about structures of power and the systemic nature of the capitalist status quo.

In addition to this, overly sentimental attitudes like “love conquers all” and an absurd commitment to non-violence will never lead one to rebel against, much less have any fighting chance of overthrowing the bourgeoisie. Needless to say, these sappy attitudes have been heavily encouraged by propaganda coming from both the pulpit and television and silver screen.

As John Lennon once said, “You know, I really thought that love would save us all. But now I’m wearing a Chairman Mao badge.”

Dare I say it? Perhaps it is not love that will save us, but hate . . . or rather, if you like, love for justice and bitter hatred for injustice and our enemies who perpetrate it and enable it.

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