Finks: How the CIA tricked the world’s best writers



This from the US website Marxism Leninism Today

by Branko Marcetic

February  7, 2017

A new book reminds us that the CIA is one of history’s great purveyors of fake news.

In These Times

Through covert funding and well-placed assets, the CIA helped create, keep alive and exert editorial control over a range of seemingly independent entities. Finks: How the CIA Tricked the World’s Best Writers, a history of the CIA’s decades-spanning attempts to co-opt andoutright recruit writers and intellectuals for its own ends, is the fruit of at least 15 years of research. Yet by some cosmic happenstance, it’s only now being released, when it’s more relevant than ever.

Joel Whitney’s book comes amidst weeks of CIA-dominated headlines as the intelligence community butts heads with President Donald Trump over allegations he owes his victory to—and is perhaps in the thrall of—the Kremlin. After a heated public exchange, Trump tried…

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