International Women’s Day

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Talk about a teachable moment! International Women’s Day makes for a great case study in co-optation or soft power. International Women’s Day was originally a socialist holiday and it was first officially recognized as a state holiday by the Soviet Union in 1918, but you’d never know that unless you really wanted to research it beyond the stupid “Google Doodle” and the “YouTube Spotlight.”

An interesting excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on IWD:

“A popular apocryphal story which surfaced in French Communist circles[85][86] claimed that women from clothing and textile factories had staged a protest on March 8, 1857 in New York City.[87] The story alleged that garment workers were protesting against very poor working conditions and low wages and were attacked and dispersed by police. It was claimed that this event led to a rally in commemoration of its 50th anniversary in 1907. Temma Kaplan[85] explains that “neither event…

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