CrossTalk: Trump’s War

Papadopoulos is the man! He’s the only one you need to listen to up here. I don’t know if Peter, the host, and the other two guests believe the nonsense they say about Trump’s so-called “betrayal” or his being forced by the “deep state” to capitulate to their warmongering, or if they are just repeating the Russian government’s official line and chosen narrative, but they are deeply (pun intended) deluded if they believe that crap.

American politicians, including presidents and presidential candidates, say whatever their capitalist brothers-in-arms tell them to say. They are thoroughly vetted for the job. Like all candidates for a position of employment they are given a job description and asked if they are able and willing to carry out the tasks and responsibilities required; if they say yes and are considered to be fit for the job then they are hired. The (s)election process is a charade.

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