How to Identify a White Supremacist – Tip #2


Contrary to the fevered delusions of white supremacists, Israel is nothing more than the 51st state. The tail does not wag the dog.

Part of the current Trumpacolypse phenomenon has been the rise of widespread and open white supremacy throughout the US and Europe. A key component of white supremacist ideology is, of course, antisemitism or what I might prefer to call anti-Jewish bigotry. If you spend any time in the comments section of YouTube and other online news and social media sites (those dealing with politics especially, but not exclusively) you will quickly discover a multitude of racist and bigoted comments. These include statements about Zionists, Jews and globalists. The basic message or theme of these comments is that America is controlled by Jews; for these right-wingers it’s always some foreign “other” to blame, and the white man is always the victim. I have even encountered comments accusing Jews of being behind the African slave trade!

Some of these comments will be very explicit and speak of Jews being evil or satanic, while others will be more subtle and use the code words of Zionists or globalists. At other times you will encounter obsessive diatribes about certain individuals or families (bloodlines is another term sometimes used) like Soros or Rothschild; these are also code words that mean Jew. If you engage these white supremacist commenters and call them out, they will often (but not always!) deny they are antisemitic, racist, bigoted or white supremacist, but rest assured, they are repeating age-old right-wing conspiracy theories that go back to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the forgery hoax known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and beyond.

White supremacy must be countered and unmasked wherever it is found!

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5 Responses to How to Identify a White Supremacist – Tip #2

  1. So any reference to anything or anyone being Jewish in any way is a codeword for Jews being evil and satanic? Any criticism of Israel (self-identified as a Jewish State is antisemitic? And both identify a white supremacist? So just shut up, openly jewish people can talk about Jews in any way. Only right wingers would make any reference to the powerful Jewish people running media, and supporting Israel (being active powerful zionists). Mentioning Rothschild and Soros, Jews who are powerful and Zionist, identifies a right wing white supremacist. What can anyone say? Thanks for letting us know how easy it is to unfollow this site.

  2. typo: should be ONLY jewish people can talk about jews in any any

  3. Prole Center says:

    I will answer you in the hope that you are just confused and not really a white supremacist. I never said that one should not criticize Israel or Zionism (support for a Jewish state). The state of Israel deserves plenty of harsh criticism, but that is like singling out the state of Alabama for being reactionary when it is just one small part of the U.S. empire.

    Yes, some of the bourgeois ruling class are Jews, but the issue is not their Jewishness. Most of the capitalist class are Christians, some are Muslims, some are black, most are white (in the US) and most are probably secular or atheists. None of that matters. Race, religion and ethnicity are not the problem and they don’t explain why the bourgeoisie do what they do – exploit the working class and pursue hegemony across the globe.

    The problem is with class identity. The problem is the bourgeoisie and their capitalist imperialist system. The solution is socialism. Workers of the World, Unite! Get it?

    And yes, when people repeatedly harp on Soros, Rothschild, Zionism and globalists they are repeating antisemitic themes whether they realize it or not.

  4. Caleb Gee says:

    I am very glad to read this commentary! It’s crazy how anytime Israel and Zionism’s very real imperialist origins are discussed, there are always some crazies who show up and start trying to veer the conversation into one about how everything since the beginning of time is all one big “Rothschild illuminati” conspiracy. Some of them even go as far as to make the United States and its citizens all seem like innocent victims who are under the control of a centralized “Jewish lobby” that forces the US into wars of empire against the will of the majority, something that clearly isn’t the case. Yes, there is most certainly an Israel lobby in the U.S., this cannot be denied. But it is not the driving force behind US aggression and imperialst invasions everywhere across the globe. Rather it is just an extension of it.

  5. Prole Center says:

    Yep, you hit the nail on the head. Perfectly stated!

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