Donald Trump: Ruling Class President

This is a good article by Paul Street, but I swear he can’t write ANYTHING without quoting or paying homage to that fucking charlatan Noam Chomsky! Also, as I have written, I’m not sure that Hillary was, in fact, the Wall St. favorite. – PC

One of the many irritating things about the dominant United States corporate media is the way it repeatedly discovers anew things that are not remotely novel. Take its recent discovery that Donald Trump isn’t really the swamp-draining populist working class champion he pretended to be on the campaign trail.…

Source: Donald Trump: Ruling Class President

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One Response to Donald Trump: Ruling Class President

  1. Caleb Gee says:

    Interesting note about not being certain Hillary was the preferred candidate of Wall St. It’s one of those things that you hear so many times, particularly on sites like CounterPunch (which I’m a huge fan of) that you just kind of accept to be true after awhile. One thing is certain. If Trump wasn’t their guy this last election cycle, he most certainly will be this next go around!

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