PSYWAR Provocation in Alexandria?


This poor guy was probably set up and murdered by the Feds.

I’m sure everything the authorities and their MSM mouthpieces said about what happened in Alexandria, Virginia last week is completely accurate. Don’t you think so? I mean, what source could be more trustworthy? It’s not like this hasn’t happened so many times before. We don’t get to ask Mr. James T. Hodgkinson what happened so we have to rely on the police, the media and government officials. They would never lie to us, right?

Seriously though, this incident, even if – and I say IF! – it happened exactly as described by the authorities, has tremendous propaganda value for the US ruling class (and not just the Republicans). The left, or at least what passes for a “far left” on the US political spectrum, has been demonized and the American masses are being urged further rightward in their political orientation. Cui bono?

I have a narrative to tell – one that is at least as plausible as the one told by the authorities:

Mr. Hodgkinson was a political activist like many others; passionate, but alienated and tormented for his beliefs. He was put under surveillance by the feds and he was eventually deemed to be a suitable patsy for a covert psywar provocation. It was discovered that he frequented the YMCA every morning, and that it just happened to be next to the ball field where the two political factions of the one-party capitalist imperialist state play their annual charity ballgame. A perfect plan was hatched. One or two snipers were set up on rooftops or other vantage points in the vicinity. The job was to wound a few of the Republican congressmen and any cops who intervened for good measure. Also, of course, the snipers were tasked with shooting Mr. Hodgkinson dead as he entered or exited the YMCA building at his usual 7am appearance there so he couldn’t testify against the established narrative after having been set up for the crime. Next, mobilize all media assets to propagate the chosen narrative of a “mentally deranged lone gunman.”

Don’t believe this could happen? Think again. Things like this have happened many times before.

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2 Responses to PSYWAR Provocation in Alexandria?

  1. beetleypete says:

    I always on board with a good conspiracy theory. I wouldn’t put anything past any state organisation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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