Current CIA Operations in China


It has come to my attention that the CIA has fairly recently begun to shift its focus heavily toward China. Shocking isn’t it? One young lady interested in a career at the CIA was told that unless she could already speak Mandarin Chinese and was willing to live in China long-term, they were not at all interested in interviewing her for a job.

Shortly after hearing this story, I learned that a friend of mine’s cousin (an American) has been living in China for several years now and is married to a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Based on my extensive studies of the CIA and intelligence tradecraft, these stories got me thinking. I wonder if the CIA is trying to insert sleeper agents†, including Romeo agents‡, into China in an effort to penetrate the Chinese Communist Party and other Chinese institutions. I can’t imagine why on earth the CIA would not attempt to do something like this. China is an officially designated enemy of the US because it is an economic and ideological competitor of the US; and it stands in the way of US conquest of the entire planet.

†A sleeper agent is an intelligence asset put in place and not activated (put to use) for many years. This helps establish a firm cover.

‡A Romeo agent seduces and establishes a romantic relationship with someone with access to intelligence or who might be used as a witting or unwitting agent of influence, sabotage, disruption or whatever.

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4 Responses to Current CIA Operations in China

  1. beetleypete says:

    They might have to be more careful in China. They are going to stand out a lot more than they do in many countries. Hopefully, they will be discovered and deported.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The Chinese are very aware of this, with significantly increased vigilance. Recently, while I was there, there was the annual day raising awareness of potential spy activities (also acknowledging the danger of Romeo agents). Apart from major party activities, school children are also given guidelines as to the signs of someone spying, even at a low level. The catch is that the CIA itself lists Chinese as one of the most difficult languages to learn, requiring 9 years for full fluency for a foreigner.

  4. Prole Center says:

    Chinese being such a difficult language to learn – this might explain the increase in Chinese being taught in elementary charter schools in the US that I’ve noticed.

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