A Lesson in Soft Power: The Kaepernick Affair

This is a brief posting I did a year ago when this whole thing started. I want to be clear that I admire Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who took these protest actions, but I also want to offer some constructive criticism. Politics and political action are not intuitive endeavors. I think it was tactically incorrect to start “taking a knee.” – PC

Proletarian Center for Research, Education and Culture


After having a conversation with a fellow NFL player who just happens to be an ex-Green Beret, Colin Kaepernick has decided that rather than sitting down for the national anthem, that he would instead take a knee (or genuflect as religious folks might call it). This was a terrible mistake and is a result of what might turn out to be a devastating propaganda / co-optation counterattack. This posture can be construed as an act of religious devotion, submission to an authority figure, and even a militaristic combat pose.


A soldier genuflects to a battle cross memorial of a fallen comrade; a ritual display of the American warrior cult – very creepy. This position is also a standard combat pose which makes the soldier a smaller target while enabling a more stable and accurate shot as well as mobility.


A woman shows reverence for her invisible friend by genuflecting at…

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