Right-Wing Slogans #4

Obama Can't Ban These Guns

That’s more like it!

If guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns.

This ridiculous slogan of the gun nuts seems to imply that they would very docilely hand over their guns for fear of breaking the law, and that their true concern is over violent criminals who may threaten their personal safety. The conservative right-wingers are not prepared to wage an armed rebellion against the government which threatens the entire human race. They are nothing but self-absorbed, frightened children.

Here are some more brief talking points if you ever feel the need to do some verbal sparring with these maniacs:


  • A real man doesn’t give thousands of dollars to weapons manufacturers. He would try to steal the guns or get them cheap on the black market. America has many enemies. A real revolutionary might even solicit arms from a US enemy. The American right-wing gun nuts are not the least bit interested in rebelling against their country or its government. They’re just poseurs who like to talk tough — nothing more.


  • The American gun fetish is just macho bullshit. The obsession with guns does not make Americans free, it makes them slaves.


  • The US ruling class is not the slightest bit concerned about the gun nuts staging a rebellion. The arms industry makes millions off of these halfwits.


  • Right-wing gun nuts will never use their guns to rebel — they’re afraid of breaking the law. Revolution is illegal, you know. The guns are for protection from swarthy muggers and home invaders. Conservative gun nuts are the ones who wrap themselves in the flag and “support the troops.” You think they would ever point a gun at their hero cops and soldiers? Besides, they’re cowards anyway.


  • The 2nd amendment grants Americans the right to purchase very expensive, highly profitable products.


  • American gun nuts love guns because of NRA propaganda, plain and simple. They have been brainwashed to think that it makes them tough guys and brave “defenders of freedom.” They’re just poseurs. They always threaten to rise up against the government if it should ever “go too far.” Although the US government continues to rampage around the globe like a crazed maniac while repressing all dissent at home, somehow that day never comes. The tough guys with guns never rise up.


  • From my friend and fellow blogger, beetleypete: I guess that many gun owners think of themselves as defenders of liberty, until the representatives of that liberty, the Federal Government, come knocking on their door in the form of the ATF agents. If push comes to shove over there anytime, it appears that the majority of so-called gun nuts see their role in putting down a rebellion, rather than starting one.
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4 Responses to Right-Wing Slogans #4

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  2. beetleypete says:

    Some stats from the web.
    In the United Kingdom, in the most recent year for which I have data (2011), the gun death rate from all causes was 0.23 per 100,000. That works out to about 145 in 2011.
    (Includes those shot by Police)

    In the United States, for the year 2014, the gun death rate from all causes was 10.54 per 100,000. That works out to 33,612 in 2014.

    The UK gun death rate is one of the lowest in the world for the very simple reason that few people have guns.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. beetleypete says:

    (Posting about this later, on redflagflying)

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