Countering a Major Far Right Talking Point: Jewish Domination

Nazi Troll Army

A core belief among the far right is that Jews are taking over, or have already taken over, the United States; whether it’s Jewish bankers, Hollywood Jews or Jews in the federal government – Jews are everywhere! Although they will sometimes use more diplomatic language by speaking of Israel or Zionists (which should be opposed as reactionary expressions of Western Imperialism), when someone fixates on Israel in such a way and claims that Israel, rather than the US is ultimately in control and responsible for the crimes of US imperialism, then these are serious red flags that what you have here is a far right-winger spreading hateful propaganda very similar to Hitler’s sick fantasies of yesteryear. To counter these Nazi scum, who seem to have taken over the comments section of YouTube and many other websites, you might try responding with talking points like these:

  • There are some Jews in government and the media. So what? There are mostly WASPs – White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And even if the ruling class were mostly Jewish, why would that matter so much? Is it better to be oppressed and exploited by white Christian elites?! The capitalist system is the problem, not any particular ethnic group. You are barking up the wrong tree. And what constitutes a Jew? Is it their religion or their ethnicity (real or imagined) that you find so offensive? What would you think of a Jew who opposed Israel (the 51st state) and was against exploitation by banks and big business? Would you be okay with them?


  • Yeah, Marx was Jewish. So what? He was an atheist also. Why does it matter so much what ethnic background someone comes from? I think you are actually projecting your own sick fantasies and dark motives onto others. Not everyone thinks like you.


  • [For when they inevitably start fixating on bankers and the federal reserve]: Why not focus on the capitalist system in its entirety as the problem, and not just various institutions or aspects of it? You need to put all the pieces together and quit messing with those insane far right conspiracy theories. The CIA helped propagate that garbage to drive people away from communism – humanity’s only hope.


  • The American capitalists want to conquer the world so they can exploit its people as wage slaves and plunder its natural resources. What is wrong with that explanation? Why do you have to insert Israel in to everything? Israel is the 51st state. The Americans taught that dog to squat. The problem is the bourgeoisie / capitalists and their capitalist imperialist system.


  • If there are Jews who want to control the world then they must be far right ultra-nationalists. What do you want to replace it with, then? White nationalism? Would it be better if the elites were white Christians? Would exploitation and oppression be better under a white Christian ruling class instead? Would that make it more bearable or acceptable for you? Exploitation is exploitation. I’m opposed to all forms of far-right ideology whether it be Jewish supremacy, white supremacy, whatever. I think you’re the one who wants to control the world for the white race and you are projecting that motivation and worldview on to others. You think others think the way you do.


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17 Responses to Countering a Major Far Right Talking Point: Jewish Domination

  1. folktruther says:

    Let me be the first to dislike it, and I am a Jew who grandparents were killed by the Nazis. Apparently Zionism is infiltrating the left as well as the Dems and Repubs. The Israeli Lobby, in the financed largely Jewish billioinaires, have gained a stranglehold on US mideast policy, the chief beneficiaries of the War on Terrorism. They finance war and reaction, in the interests of Israeli imperialism rather than US imperialism, against the interests of both the American and Israeli people. I’m shocked to see how deep they are burrowing in the dissident media.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Are you serious? You’re a Jew and your grandparents were killed by the Nazis? I doubt it.

    I don’t know how to break this to you, but as long as there has been a Left it has always opposed antisemitism and all forms of ethnic bigotry. And do you really think Israel likes to be referred to as the 51st state?

  3. folktruther says:

    The USA has been owned and ruled by a moneyed plutocracy historically, currently billioniares, multi-billionaires and aspiring billionaires. a fourth to a third of them are Jewish billioniares who support Israeli imperialism to an greater or equal degree of US imperialism. They are responsible for financing the Israeli Lobby and neocons, and are largely responsible for the War on Terrorism. This is the killing of hundreds of thousands of dark-skinned Muslims to steal their oil and other property and power. They finance a huge number of truthers like you to promote Israeli imperialism, calling anyone who opposes it ‘anti-Semites. Of course there is anti-Semitism, Christianity being an anti-Semitic religion historically, but US policy is anti-Muslim, promoting the interests of Israeli imperialism financed by Jewish money and Jewish media of power brokers.

  4. beetleypete says:

    I think it is important to separate antisemitisim from dislike of Israel, and its policies.
    I have nothing at all against Jews, or their religion. As you say, the Left has always embraced the cause of antisemitisim, and many Jews were leading communists, in various countries. However, the policies of the right-wing governments of Israel should not be excused for their treatment of Palestinians, based on fear of being accused of being against their religion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Prole Center says:

    I completely agree, Pete.

  6. Prole Center says:

    “Truthers” like me? Your language betrays you. You are no leftist. If you had been following my blog you would know that I have levied plenty of criticism at Israel, but I always keep the focus on the US, the supreme champion of capitalist imperialism. Singling out Israel and especially elevating it above the crimes of US Imperialism is ridiculous; that would be like singling out the state of Alabama. Israel is a vassal or client state of the US Empire; it is a giant, unsinkable aircraft carrier in the words of one US official.

    I condemn Israel and its treatment of the Palestinian people. Zionism is a crime against humanity. Are you satisfied now?

    On the off chance that you are sincere and just confused about politics and how the far right operates, I will explain further. The far right, who really do believe the bullshit that they spout, contend that the USA and Europeans in general (white people) are better than all other races and nations, and have the God-given right to dominate this planet. They cannot accept that their own country’s elite ruling class are to blame for the exploitation, oppression and chaos that impacts their lives as well as others, and so they come up with the only explanation that their ego will accept – that a foreign “other” is to blame. It must be some outside force, not someone who looks like them, speaks the same language and comes from the same culture and ethnic background. They won’t accept this; if they could fathom it for even a moment they would probably have a nervous breakdown.

    When people fixate on Israel and Zionism and either let US Imperialism off the hook completely, or else insist that the US is being controlled by Israel, Jews or Zionists, they are perpetuating ideas that are not only false, but also very dangerous. They are spreading far right-wing propaganda. If you really are a leftist, then you will want to combat this destructive ideology and not help spread it.

  7. folktruther says:

    Quite right, Pete.

  8. folktruther says:

    No, I haven’t been following your blog, and your view is a conventional leftist view. What I am suggesting is that it is wrong. I understand how incredible it is that such an event might occur. It is quite true that American imperialism is far more repressive, violent, and dangerous than Israeli imperialism; however the Israeli Lobby has gained enormous influence over US mideast policy.
    This has lead to other anti-people anomalies; Israeli police train American police to conduct racist oppression, like they do against Palestinians. Israel lobbies 20 or so US states to oppose boycotts of Israel. A small town, Dickinson, Texas cannot get flood assistance without supporting Israeli imperialism. This is not accidental; it is the result of a strong Israeli Lobby. But you are no doubt sincere in holding to the traditional marxist view. I merely suggest that you are wrong and I am right.

  9. Prole Center says:

    I’m glad to hear you say that American imperialism is much worse than Israeli imperialism, as you call it. I think Israel largely takes its orders from its US masters, but that is not to say that it does not have its own independent interests and might seek to act accordingly. A lot of the “Israel Lobby,” informally speaking, is composed of Christian fundamentalists who support Israel because their religion tells them to do so, but more importantly Israel is a powerful US strategic asset (due to decades of US aid, including massive military aid) and a big money-maker for the US military-industrial-complex and other industries; although almost every American industry is in some way tied to the MIC. Texas, just on its own, does a huge amount of business with Israel and so that Dickinson flood assistance agreement contains the boilerplate language from the Texas law that forbids companies with state government contracts from boycotting Israel – that would be bad for business. I think that clause in the flood relief grant contract will be struck down, by the way, because the law does not require individuals, only companies, to comply with that stipulation of not boycotting Israel. In the end, it all comes down to the almighty US dollar, and not any nefarious control of the American government by Israel, in my humble opinion. We both oppose the state of Israel and its murderous policies.

    Just to be clear, though, you do denounce antisemitism, or anti-Jewish bigotry we could call it, and do not conflate all Jews with Zionism/Israel, right? You do denounce the far right, white supremacy and ultra-nationalism, yes?

  10. folktruther says:

    “Just to be clear, though, you do denounce antisemitism, or anti-Jewish bigotry we could call it, and do not conflate all Jews with Zionism/Israel, right? You do denounce the far right, white supremacy and ultra-nationalism, yes?”

    Of course. As I said, I am myself jewish and find it disgusting that after the European genocide Israel has founded a apartheid regime. I didn’t know Texas did a lot of business with Israel.
    And it is quite true that much of Zionism is Christian Zionism.

    But in addition to Israel being a foreign policy asset of US imperialism, Israel has astonishing amount of influence over US mideast policy. The whole War on Terrorism serves Israel’s interests more, and at least as much, as it does American imperialism. The guy that convinced me a few years ago was Jeffery Blankfort, who has a radio program in northern California. He is also Jewish, as are many opponents of Israeli oppression.

    Thank you for your responses.

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  12. Prole Center says:

    I’m still not sure what you disliked about my talking points, specifically.

  13. folktruther says:

    Israel Lobby has an enormous number of assets attacking anti-Semitism when they are really defending Israel policy. I thought originally that is what you were. I don’t any more. But I have been banned from commenting on sites being accused of Anti-Semitism for attacking Israeli policy, and this includes quite good ones like WSWS. As you know, anyone can call themselves socialist, like Saunders pretending to back a ‘political revolution’ whose first act was electing a corporate militarist Clinton as president. Also, some tendencies in marxist groupings have obsolete vies in relation to Israel, in my opinion, although I don’t really know how to formulate viable policies myself. It’s just a matter of trucking along until the situation clarifies itself.

  14. Prole Center says:

    Feel free to come back and comment on other articles, not just the ones relating to Israel, Zionism and white supremacy.

  15. folktruther says:

    I was so astonished by your restriction that I went back and read the article again. It IS in support of Zionist oppression. Amazing. The Israeli Lobby apparently is starting these groups to restrict critique of the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. Include me out.

  16. Prole Center says:

    Which lobby is behind you? You are definitely not what you claim to be, that is for certain.

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