Dems And GOP Work Together Like A Boxer’s 1–2 Punch To Knock You Out

knock-out punch

“Democrats are able to stifle any American movement to the left on issues of economic justice and anti-corporatism by monopolizing the space meant for leftist politics and providing little if any pushback against the pro-war, pro-oligarchy, pro-corporatism agendas of the Republicans. Even when they controlled both houses and the White House, they advanced a corporatist Republican healthcare policy while continuing and expanding all of George W Bush’s wars. Sure they don’t shove things as far to the right as humanly possible when in office like Republicans do in the same way a jab rarely lands with fight-ending force, but they hold the space and measure the distance for a crushing knockout cross to your face as soon as the GOP regains power.”

Read the full article by Caitlin Johnstone on Medium. – PC

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4 Responses to Dems And GOP Work Together Like A Boxer’s 1–2 Punch To Knock You Out

  1. beetleypete says:

    Her boxing analogy was a good one.
    I was also reminded of how the Democrats always appear to have moved to the Left, whenever a Socialist has any success, anywhere in America. Just long enough to grab the votes from them, then back to their old ways…In boxing, that would be a feint.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Prole Center says:

    Good point, Pete. I always appreciate your input.

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