American Fascism


by Gary Weglarz

I find the “Trump is a Nazi” and “Trump empowers Nazis” narratives particularly fascinating given the actual history that the U.S. imported literally thousands of actual “real life” Nazis after WWII. Many of these were war criminals worthy of their own respective trials and executions, but instead they were incorporated into the CIA, military, medical research, and NASA among other institutional settings. Many other Nazis the CIA couldn’t get into the U.S. we assisted in escaping European justice and relocating to South America where they were useful in organizing our torture and death squad regimes over many decades. There is massive documentation of this history. Most Americans know little and care to know little of such unsavory details regarding the actual -‘Nazi origin story’- of our deep state structures.

The point being that the “deep state” apparatus that controls the U.S. has had no problem whatsoever embracing actual “real life Nazis” — with all the absolute ethical and behavioral corruption that simple fact entails. Meanwhile the MSM and public pretends none of this ever happened and uses the term “Nazi” instead as a designation of the despicable — “other.”

The dreaded “Nazi” of imagination in the liberal mind is the poor uneducated white kid somewhere in the south whose future looks like a brick wall and who while sitting in a prison cell for some petty crime gets exposed to white supremacist ideology and gets himself a swastika tatoo. Rest assurred this kid has no future WHATSOEVER being hired as a well paid shill for empire doing mind control, torture or “medical” research in some secret CIA program. We brought over “real” Nazis for that stuff. Perhaps a look into the mirror would be useful at this time, rather than continuing to use the word “Nazi” like it somehow isn’t a very real part of who we are historically as a nation.

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2 Responses to American Fascism

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  2. beetleypete says:

    At the end of WW2, allied countries were literally fighting each other to grab the ‘best Nazis’. As well as the rocket scientists, they craved the geneticists, the mad doctors, and the very worst of that regime. There was an element of wanting to ‘tame the beast’, and to use that power against the new ‘enemies’ in the Soviet bloc. Shameful indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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