American gangsters go wild to spoil Koreans’ national event



The US rulers are behaving perversely, following with uneasiness the Korean peninsula situation which is developing favourably in the New Year.

When the historic New Year Address was made public in the DPRK, American politicians crossly spat out such rubbish as “tactic of opening to the south and shutting out the US” and “act of driving a wedge” between south Korea and the US, arguing that north Korea might proceed to commit additional missile “provocation” after the Olympics are over.

And before the inter-Korean high-level talks were held, they intimidated the south Korean authorities and spread the rumour that the talks are a trick to divide Seoul and Washington and weaken the US-led sanctions and pressure on the DPRK, insisting that there should be no such talks and that the improvement of inter-Korean relations and the settlement of “north Korea’s nuclear issue” cannot be pushed ahead separately as these are inseparable from each other.

When north-south high-level talks made unexpected success thanks to the DPRK’s magnanimity and goodwill, the US authorities including Trump, struggling to hide their embarrassment, made a U-turn in their attitude describing it as the direct outcome of their unprecedented pressure on the DPRK in a reckless bid to attribute the result common to the north and south of Korea to their “efforts”.

They are trying to put a damper on the climate of inter-Korean concord, asserting that though the north and south had jointly entered the venue of Olympic Games several times, that did not lead to north Korea’s switch in its nuclear policy, and that they would not ease the maximum sanctions and pressure before it scraps its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

The Carl Vinson nuclear-powered carrier strike group is heading for the Korean peninsula bringing the dark clouds of war. The Stennis carrier strike group is about to set sail. Consequently, if the USS Ronald Reagan in Japanese port is added, it means that three carrier strike groups are closing in on the peninsula at the same time. In addition, three landing helicopter carriers comparable to an aircraft carrier are said to be busy preparing to come carrying marines.

Three B-2 strategic nuclear bombers have been dispatched urgently to Guam for reinforcement and seven US air bases in south Korea and Japan are reportedly saturated with fighters and troops unexpectedly dispatched from the US mainland for buildup.

This shows that Trump is an awful liar as he said that he truly hopes the north and south of Korea would be successful and cooperate with each other beyond the Olympics, he fully supports their effort and there will not be any military action during their dialogue. It also reveals nakedly what the US really pursues.

What cannot be overlooked is that all these military actions are related to their attempt at surprise preemptive attack on the DPRK.

Greatly astonished by the DPRK’s successful test-fire of ICBM Hwasong 15 on November 29 last year, the US has since endeavoured to get ready a powerful military countermeasure, saying it has only three months left to check north Korea.

Actually, the US military is preparing a DPRK-targeted preemptive attack operation plan for the Trump administration although the atmosphere of improved inter-Korean relations is being built up.

Such preparations are being made in earnest at alpine infantry divisions in the mainland and at special forces committed to its Osan and Kunsan bases in south Korea.

All its moves vividly show that the US is recklessly zeroing in on a war.

What is more dangerous is that such military moves are being made pursuant to the lunatic president’s ignorance and frenzy, not in accordance with any political need or reasonable judgment.

The US should take careful consideration. Trump and his clan quite often brag that the DPRK-related options including military strike are on the table of the White House, but the varied options of the DPRK’s supreme leadership are in a secluded place, not on a table that is visible to anyone, waiting for an order to show up its alarming appearance at an opportune time.

The DPRK, a world nuclear and missile power, has the pluck to tell the group of warmongers to swarm before its gate if they can afford to deal with the consequences.

The US should keep in mind that an end will be put to its sinful fate the moment it dares to make a move, bereft of reason, to hurt the dignity of socialist Korea which is demonstrating its might and peace in the Korean peninsula.

This is an abridgment of an article published by Choe Kang Chol, researcher at the Institute of International Studies of the DPRK.
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2 Responses to American gangsters go wild to spoil Koreans’ national event

  1. beetleypete says:

    I’m not convinced they are a nuclear power, but well done to the DPRK for standing firm, and calling the bluffs.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    I’d hate to see it come to the ultimate test!

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