A Story from East Germany: Proletarian Doctors (No More)


May 11, 1990

The Berliner Zeitung carries a straight-faced account of a meeting of doctors from East and West. Four hundred doctors were invited by a private firm, a bank providing loans to doctors, on a boat trip from Tegel to Wannsee. The West speaker is quoted as telling his East German (woman) counterpart, “Stop acting like an ordinary worker in an ordinary trade, you’re not a baker or a shoemaker, you’re a professional. For heaven’s sake get out of the trade union, you should have a professional association. Stop considering the health insurance program as your partner; start figuring out how to make money out of each injection. Then the new equipment you need will take care of itself.”

Classic: in other words, change what’s best in the system now.

Source: Missing Marx by Peter Marcuse

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2 Responses to A Story from East Germany: Proletarian Doctors (No More)

  1. beetleypete says:

    So much for those ‘streets paved with gold’. The exuberant crowds from 1989 must be kicking themselves now, and wondering what they ever thought would happen. Second-class citizens in a federal Germany, that’s what. Sadly, they are once again turning to the Far Right to solve that dilemma.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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