Libertarian Edgelords, Emotional Millennials & Critique of Art & Music

This entire video is a great lecture, but I especially liked the part where he basically defines and unmasks right-wing libertarianism for what it really is, from about 5:45 to 7:30 or so. Below I have transcribed much of this excellent rant. – PC

Libertarianism, I am convinced, is based on the fact that these people, they used to be just your plain-old conservative Republicans, right? They thought America was a great country. Capitalism is a great system: “You don’t like it here, why don’t you move to some place else?” But finally, they had an awakening, right? Someone pointed out to them, “Hey, the Iraq War isn’t good.” So finally they had an awakening, someone convinced them things weren’t perfect. And then they had this ideological moment where they were like, “Oh, no! American capitalism isn’t working perfectly. Oh my God! We do have problems here. Oh, but it must be because we’re communist. Oh, there we go, now I’ve got it figured out! Oh, okay, good, good. I don’t have to change my ideology. I don’t have to question anything I believe. The US is communist, that explains it! Why are people unemployed? Oh, because the USA is communist. Oh, I’ve got it figured out.”

That’s your average libertarian. That’s who these people are. They don’t want to change their underlying ideology. They don’t want to question any of the Kool-Aid that they’ve drunk their whole lives. They want to keep believing in capitalism. They want to keep believing in survival of the fittest; keep believing this disgusting ideology of the British Empire. They want to keep not having any compassion; keep not believing in any empathy. Keep believing in the “virtue of selfishness.” Keep holding on to these psychopathic Ayn Rand concepts that if you feel sorry for someone or you want to help someone it’s a character defect; that you should be happy that someone is hungry and unemployed. They want to keep holding on to this demented mindset that has created the mess that we’re in . . . These people have been inculcated with Cold War ideology and they want to keep believing it. – Caleb Maupin

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