Redundant and Deceptive Propaganda Terms: “Deep State” and “Front Company”

deep state

I would just like to say a few words about propaganda words. It is very important to realize that humans think in language, and while the terms we use to label things don’t change what they are, they do change peoples’ perceptions of them. This gets at the heart of propaganda, psychological warfare and mind control.

I really hate this new term that has cropped up over the past couple of years of “deep state.” It perpetuates ignorance about what the state really is and it makes me think of Woodward and Bernstein’s “deep throat” contact within the FBI who supposedly was a key source of information on Nixon’s Watergate scandal. The adjective of “deep” conjures up smoky, dark boardrooms where Illuminati occult groups hatch their conspiracies to control the world. Well, I’ve got news for you, the state has always been “deep.” That is what a state is, in the sense that the real power is unelected, and so it is a redundancy to talk about it being “deep.” The government or legislative part that you see is just a facade, and that is all it has ever been.

Again, the use of such a term, I believe, is used deliberately to get a certain emotional response that feeds in to right-wing conspiracies that veer away from reality and into the realm of the fantastical and the occult. That is a key defining characteristic of the far right in particular, that they are steeped in mysticism and superstitious thinking. It should go without saying that this is a terrible way to try to make sense of things and understand the world we live in.

Another term popped into my mind in connection with this type of redundancy and that is “front company.” All companies are fronts. All companies are basically paper entities or constructs that are put in place to shield or hide (if only partially) the wealthy bourgeois individuals who own them. And when liberals rail against “the corporations,” they are only focusing their attention on the “front” – on the surface of things; on their form or appearance, and not their substance. The problem is not the corporations, but the class of people who own them and how they use these instruments to exploit.

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1 Response to Redundant and Deceptive Propaganda Terms: “Deep State” and “Front Company”

  1. beetleypete says:

    I agree. The structure and machinations of any state have always been ‘deep’. Take the political network during the Elizabethan Age in England.(1533-1603). A people unaware of how they were controlled. Informants and spies, a secret police on a level with the later Gestapo or Stasi. Arrests and detentions without trial, summary executions, and a population manipulated like innocent children.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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