American Crypto-politics


Here are some more thoughts about the ongoing political circus going on in the United States. I use the term crypto-politics, not to suggest a hidden ideology, but rather, hidden political action – what people are annoyingly calling the “deep state.”

I still maintain that the Democrats rigged the 2016 presidential election (with help from their pals across the aisle) so that Donald Trump would win. Why would they want that? Maybe they didn’t, but it was the lesser evil (to them) than allowing even a fake leftist like Bernie to possibly become president. They’re more worried about the followers (the public) than the leaders, like Bernie and Trump, who are part of the ruling class or under their control. Although, there is no honor among thieves in the dishonest game of politics and covert action, so I suppose there are always suspicions about a person’s true loyalties; whether or not they are a “double agent” or a “penetration agent / mole” in intelligence parlance.

I am sure that there are also genuine concerns among the American ruling class about inroads Russia has made either covertly or overtly through their propaganda (in the  original non-tainted and neutral sense of the term) through social media and RT. Russia would be crazy not to attempt to “interfere” in one way or another; what is especially hard to believe, however, is that the Russian intelligence agencies were able to hack the voting machines and literally alter the vote tally. Rigging or manipulating elections is what Americans do all over the world, and they have mastered the art of controlling their own election apparatus.

When Bernie’s followers showed serious signs of breaking with the party after the primaries, and not voting for Hillary, the party elites perhaps decided that it would be better for the Donald to win so that the Bernie bro’s and progressive “traitors” could be scared and shamed into voting Democrat next time. Meanwhile, the far right folks would be pacified and managed. It’s all an effort to keep the mass of the population as close to the center-right as possible. Too far left and we have a socialist revolution, or at the least (god forbid!) free healthcare and education; too far right and we have occult-obsessed xenophobic maniacs who will wreck the empire.

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