Exploitation (not taxation) of Labor is Theft

libertarian logic

Libertarian propaganda purposefully takes attention away from the point of production; away from the unequal and exploitative relationship between a worker and his boss; a relationship between a rich person who can start his own business, and someone with little or nothing who has absolutely no choice but to rent out his time and labor to the former. Libertarians much prefer to focus all their attention on the point of exchange. They like to make us assume that there is no class division; that everyone is an equal actor or player in the game of getting more; that everyone can equally choose whether to start a business or work for someone else, and to negotiate a wage or salary from a more or less equal position of strength. You only have to think this situation through for half a moment to realize how absurd and childish is the view put forward by right-wing libertarians. This is a pervasive petty bourgeois ideology that is just as much a fantasy as the Easter bunny, or God; but it is an enduring fantasy that benefits the big capitalist ruling class as well – even if most of them don’t really believe in it.


A common slogan put out by libertarians, or anarcho-capitalists (ancaps), as they seem to be calling themselves these days (in order to sound more hip to new generations of dupes), is that: Taxation is theft! Taxation isn’t theft, at least not the kind of taxation these types are concerned with. They are not concerned about the working class being exploited by private businessmen extracting the surplus value of their labor, and then being taxed by the government owned (or influenced by, in the case of the petty bourgeoisie, who have more pull in this system than they pretend otherwise) by those same businessmen. The libertarians use this grain of truth, but twisted around, to enlist mass support to further their cause of making more profits and paying less of it in taxes to the state in order to maintain this unjust system.

Taxation is a line item on a profit and loss statement. It is simply a cost of doing business that every single capitalist system MUST endure in order to fund the repressive apparatus of the state. This can be a fairly significant cost for the upper-middle-class petty bourgeois businessman, and so he naturally wants to push this burden on to others, but in a capitalist system shit flows downhill, and that is why the tax burden can be comparably much smaller and even non-existent for the big bourgeois billionaire businessmen (say that 3 times fast!) So, again, we see who really benefits from this false propaganda narrative.

All this seems pretty obvious to thinking people. You don’t even have to be a socialist to see right through this libertarian nonsense, but lots of young, dumb fucks seem to be falling for this caper. It needs to be countered at every opportunity.

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