Post-Truth Hits Everybody

An interesting and humorous perspective on propaganda. – PC

George Case, Writer

While I totally get the alarms raised by the Trump minions’ invocations of “alternate facts” and “fake news,” I must admit that some of their calculated avoidance of reality has been enabled by the way all of us consume reportage and information today.   Many citizens, me included, now get most of our accounts of public happenings via two-line micro-summaries that jump out from a news site or Facebook feed – hardly the most in-depth or nuanced analyses required for critical thinking or an informed electorate.

Equally significant is the bottomless vortex of they-say, we-say coverage that plays upon longstanding popular fears of “media bias” one way or another.  By presenting each story as a heroically honest rebuttal to a contrary deluge of spin and propaganda, a permanent cycle of skepticism and cynicism is created in the mass mind:  the sense that there are no objective social or political truths…

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