The QAnon Intelligence Psyop

Check out this Twitter thread by Suzie Dawson of The Internet Party of New Zealand. Click the timestamp or the conversation bubble to go to the thread. I wish she had just written an article on a blog instead of posting this through a couple dozen tweets, but it’s worth scrolling through it. Even with the awkward format of Twitter it’s a pretty quick read.

I don’t know very much about this lady or her political party, but based on my understanding of propaganda and covert operations her analysis seems pretty spot-on. I would differ with her characterizations of the “deep state” and her assertion that the “intelligence agencies want to take over the world” (these agencies are tools of the capitalist ruling class), but otherwise I think she is on to something here. By the way, this is the first I am hearing of this ridiculous fucking QAnon phenomenon. Goddammit, there’s always something! These bourgeois maniacs never rest! – PC


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