Right Britannia: Race Hate in the UK

A nationalistic rage has swept over Britain and Islamophobia is rampant. But is the British far-right fueled by the refugee crisis of 2015 or is the establishment to blame? redfish travels from Leeds to London to investigate the rise of race hate in the UK.

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2 Responses to Right Britannia: Race Hate in the UK

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  2. beetleypete says:

    Tommy Robinson is not even his real name. Despite the clip, he has little support in Britain. In fact, I see more support for him from Republican bloggers in America. 99% of the people in this country would not even know who he was. The Far Right is less popular here than ever, in terms of membership, and presence on the streets. At one time, we had The National Front, The League of St George, Column 88, The British National Party, and other smaller groups of extremists.
    Of course, part of the reason for this apparent decline is that overt Racism and race hatred has moved into the mainstream right-wing parties, (UKIP, and the Conservatives) where it is less visible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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