The Ruling Bourgeois Political Party of the United States


As I and others have said many, many times before there is only one ruling political party in the United States. It is a bourgeois capitalist party with two closely aligned factions. Any disagreement that may occasionally arise between these factions has more to do with strategy and tactics, and choice or priority of targets, of imperialist aggression than anything else. The two factions have historically, to some degree, also broken down along industrial lines – oil and gas, banking, real estate tend to swing Republican; technology, internet, and “non-profits” swing toward the Democrats.

Some far right elements have at times infiltrated the Republicans, while a genuine progressive, socialist left has had virtually no success infiltrating or influencing the Democrats; the closest they came was during FDR’s tenure and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, but the “New Left” in the latter period was a bogus petty bourgeois movement that failed to achieve any lasting reforms of substance to the brutal capitalist and imperialist American system. The truth of the matter is that the Democratic Party protects the ruling class’ left flank against a genuine leftist force gaining influence and power, while the Republicans are expected to do the same job on the right flank – keeping out or at least carefully managing the far right. I see the Bernie/Trump phenomenon as in keeping with this political strategy of the one American bourgeois capitalist political party.

One of the major contentions with Russia currently, beyond the fact that it won’t bend the knee to U.S. imperialism and stands in its way of total world domination, is the fact that Russia (through RT News and social media) is assisting in the disruption of the delicate balance American elites have hitherto carefully maintained by giving a platform to far right and “far left” voices.

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