A Whole New Level of Silly in the “War On Christmas”

Another great post from The Propaganda Professor!

The Propaganda Professor


I surely don’t have to tell you that every year, beginning around the middle of September, two things start appearing like clockwork: Christmas decorations at your local Wal-Mart, and the media’s idiotic narrative about a supposed “war on Christmas” — evidently because the decorations didn’t come out in July. We’ve covered this topic before, but it seems that every year, somebody adds a whole new level of lunacy to it.  Shortly after the election of the Forty-Fifth White House Occupant, he did the one thing he does well — rouse the rabble — by vowing to force everyone to “start saying Merry Christmas again”. Whereupon Fox “News” gleefully declared that the war had been won. Now, they’re yammering about it as strongly as ever. Turns out he’s full of hot air and they’re full of crap. Who knew?

This year, the Bubblegum Crucifix Award for tackiest commentary in the…

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7 Responses to A Whole New Level of Silly in the “War On Christmas”

  1. beetleypete says:

    We don’t have this ‘burning issue’ bothering us in the UK, fortunately.
    Sadly, there are a lot more important things going on to concern us, than worrying about who says what concerning two days of eating turkey.
    By the way, did you hear that Bill Blum died on the 9th? That’s sad news.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Yeah, I just found out last night. Very sad indeed.

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