Liberals are “Moderate” Conservatives

chris hayes

Let there be no mistaking just what a bourgeois liberal is – and it’s important to understand that liberalism is a BOURGEOIS ideology. It attempts to put lipstick on that capitalist pig. The above quote very aptly sums it up, but there should be clarification as to what exactly is meant by the last part of the quote regarding “innate talent and drive.” As my book makes clear, the kind of talent and drive required involves an ambition that necessitates stepping over and screwing over your fellow man through attitudes and acts of dishonesty, callousness, hubris, elitism, classism (as one must generally begin with some measure of privilege in order to “succeed” in a capitalist society) and all-round inhumanity.

Liberals believe in a meritocracy that revolves around MONEY. Again, it is a purely bourgeois capitalist ideology in which money is the great equalizer. To a liberal, a brown person with wealth deserves a seat at the ruling class table – this is what makes them center-right / moderate conservatives. What makes the far right (ultra-conservative Republican types) worse, as far as it goes, is that they believe that one must have both wealth, PEDIGREE and WHITENESS in order to get a seat at the high table. That is the (small) difference between these two bourgeois ruling class camps.

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3 Responses to Liberals are “Moderate” Conservatives

  1. beetleypete says:

    From a European perspective, to see American Liberals described as ‘Left-wing’ or ‘Socialist’ is just nonsense. In Britain, they would all fit nicely into the right-wing of our Conservative party.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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