It’s time to stop saying “People of Color.”

I always had a problem with the “POC” epithet that seemed to suddenly appear in public discourse fairly recently.

The Negro Subversive

“People of color,” like many intellectually fashionable terms, gets written or spoken far more than it should; often functioning as a verbal tic rather than a meaningful, coherent term. My brain was set on edge recently while listening to public radio, when a caller introduced himself as a “Black student of color.” This was more than a verbal slip, and I don’t know that either the caller, the host or the guest even thought it was a slip. I’ve also heard: “Black People of color,” “People of color frequently have to balance their African heritage with their American identity,” and my favorite “non-people of color.” For this last one, I’ll give the writer a break and assume they didn’t mean “things with color that are not people” but “people who are not of color,” which I think translates into the English word “White.” Confusion abounds because “people of color” borrows…

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