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Matt Florence: Why do Communists build states?

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The Finnish Bolshevik: Social-Democracy Can’t Fix Capitalism

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“The highest honor” – imperialist and proletarian; and the war on Syria — Sorry, Not Buying It | Cast Away Illusions

Originally posted on Taking Sides:
According to many imperialist-nation patriots, the “highest honor” one can have is to fight and die for “my country”. You’ll find find this sentiment being expressed on TV, in church, in presidential statements, in movies,…

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Socialism in Power (research project)

Originally posted on STALIN'S MOUSTACHE:
This project – involving Chinese and international researchers – seeks to provide the philosophical and historical framework for understanding the realities of socialism in power. Taking China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union as…

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ICC Has it Out for Gaddafi’s Relatives as it Continues to Exclusively Target Africans

Originally posted on United States Hypocrisy:
Is it really so difficult for the International Criminal Court to find any atrocities or crimes against humanity committed by state or non-state actors who don’t hail from the African continent? Furthermore, when are…

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