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Actually, History IS a Conspiracy: Studies in Intelligence and Covert Operations

“Public opinion polls in many countries today portray the United States as the greatest threat to world peace on the globe . . . Critics of this [U.S. foreign] policy argue that American presidents have pursued their proximate goals, defined … Continue reading

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A Provocation to Investigate the Las Vegas Massacre – The Greanville Post

It’s good to see that other trusted and reputable sources also have their suspicions about this incident. Something is definitely rotten in Vegas, or wherever this plot was hatched. If this is a false flag or black op of some … Continue reading

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Viva False Flag (in Vegas)

Here we go again! I don’t want to say too much about this and I don’t feel that I need to because all these incidents are the same. There is a lone gunman who dies on the scene – either … Continue reading

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A New Slogan for the International Anti-Imperialist Movement

This fellow in the image above has the right idea, but I have come up with a new slogan that I think is much more catchy. It’s an obvious play on Ronald Reagan’s infamous arch-conservative remark from yesteryear. Let’s make … Continue reading

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Current CIA Operations in China

It has come to my attention that the CIA has fairly recently begun to shift its focus heavily toward China. Shocking isn’t it? One young lady interested in a career at the CIA was told that unless she could already … Continue reading

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