*Glossary is not in alphabetical order, but listed in an order deemed appropriate. It is meant to be read completely from the top down; can be referred back to at any time.

Proletarians/Working Class – individuals who must rent themselves out to a master in order to survive; also known simply as workers or “Proles”. These folks are about 80% of the U.S. population.

Bourgeoisie/Capitalists – masters who buy the labor power of Proletarians so they can get rich(er) off of their blood, sweat and tears. These monsters constitute the Ruling Class (about 1% of the population); singular = bourgeois

Wage/Salary Slavery – the unequal, dominating and exploitative relationship between Proles and capitalists mentioned above. If you were getting paid the full value of your labor then the capitalist wouldn’t make any profits – see “capitalism” below; also see “Wage Slavery v/s Chattel Slavery

Petite Bourgeois/Middle Class – these are the middlemen, managers and professionals who should be thought of as overseers for the big bourgeois lords of men. All together, they form a buffer between the ruling class and the rest of us. They love and idolize their masters and they loathe and look down their noses at the Proles who are relied upon to do the bulk of the physical and intellectual labor of society. They are quite content with keeping their lips attached to the asses of their superiors above them so long as they are able to have a foot in the ass of someone below them in the hierarchy. These parasites are about 20% of the population.

Police/Soldiers/Security – these class traitors side with the masters; they are the front line defenders of the capitalist system – too brainwashed to realize they are defending the very system that exploits and abuses themselves and their families along with their fellow Proles whom they oppress. When the Proles demand and press for their rights by demonstrating, striking, expropriating the wealth that was stolen off their labor, these “heroes” are there to crack heads, lock up, and even kill our Proletarian comrades.

Class War – the conflict between the clear opposing interests and aspirations of the aforementioned classes. Sadly, the bourgeoisie are winning, because the Proletariat is largely unorganized and lacking in class consciousness; for the most part, it doesn’t even realize it’s at war.

Private Property – the concept of individual or highly concentrated ownership of productive assets; in other words, land, money, buildings, equipment, businesses. This term does NOT refer to your home, your clothes, your dog or cat, hairbrush, etc., etc – those things are “Personal Property”.

Capitalism – the fetish worship of private property; owning and running a business like a private tyranny or dictatorship; the capitalist owner makes money or “profit” by having other people do the hard, dirty, or less desirable (but crucial) work for him/her. He pays out just as little as he can possible get away with, while pocketing the rest. The workers have little (if they have a union) or no say in how the business is run and how the income is distributed and can be thrown out at a moment’s notice for no particular reason at all – just the whim of the capitalist master.

Imperialism – this is a natural outgrowth of capitalist development; to secure foreign markets, raw materials, and ever cheaper labor, the capitalist class must use its armies (or the threat thereof) to maintain “stability” for the smooth functioning of their global order. The U.S. is the chief, but not only, offender in this regard. The U.S. corporate state maintains its hegemony with nearly 1,000 garrisons throughout the globe and with military spending that is greater than that of the rest of the world combined!

Leftism/Left-Wing – a broad political ideology that, in its true form, seeks to overthrow the existing unequal social order and replace it with an egalitarian system where private property, social classes and the violence and exploitation associated with them are abolished. Examples of overlapping philosophies of the Left are: socialism, communism and anarchism.

Rightism/Right-Wing – if you live in the U.S., you already know what this is. It is the dominant, prevailing, hateful philosophy. Authoritarian rule by the rich capitalists and their front groups known as corporations (and the government that they own).

Fascism – in Nazi Germany was also known deceptively as “national socialism”; this is a far-right ideology and form of governance that takes hold when the ruling class fears a working class revolt is imminent and they feel the need to discard any pretense of democracy and institute a dictatorship that will ensure the “stability” of their profits. Despite their denials and delusions, something very similar to this is the type of society preferred by conservatives/Republicans. The fascist or far-right slogan could be summed up as: “Shut up, know your place, do your job, or we’ll smash your face in.”

Liberal Democracy/Bourgeois Democracy – this is the form of governance preferred by center-right, moderate conservatives, a.k.a. liberals/Democrats. They prefer at least the pretense of a free and open society. They are obsessed with civil rights, but not nearly as concerned with fundamental human rights. Despite their populist rhetoric, they are only concerned with the welfare of their own class which tends to be a bit more petty bourgeois and/or racially and ethnically diverse than the Republican base. The center-right, liberal slogan might be summed up as: “Hey working class, we’ll compromise with you a little bit and throw you a few crumbs, but then we expect you to get back to work making us richer or we’ll let our fascist counterparts teach you a lesson.”

Socialism – a workers’ state on the path to communism; exploitation and private property is entirely or largely eliminated; human rights such as employment, housing, healthcare, education and pensions are guaranteed.

Communism – a classless society; no bosses and workers, masters and slaves; no authoritarian rule by a privileged minority; true equality and democracy; from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Anarchism – abolition of all forms of authority, especially the state; an attempt to prefigure the future communist society in the present; a fixation on form over substance.

Marxism – promoting principles of scientific socialism as opposed to what has been called utopian socialism.

Marxism-Leninism – a vanguard party composed of the proletariat’s most class-conscious, politically educated and motivated members must seize control of the state and institute a dictatorship of the proletariat to defeat the last remnants of the bourgeoisie and begin to work toward building communism.

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