Here are some organizations in the U.S. that are fighting the good fight for liberation of the international working class. They have some conflicting ideas on strategy and tactics, but that is to be expected. Join one or more of these groups and participate as much as you can. Educate yourself through study and experience in the struggle. Don’t give in to groupthink. Think for yourself and speak up, but when a decision has been democratically made by the group, you should support it regardless of how you voted (See On Revolutionary Discipline).

In my view, the primary objective is to defeat U.S. imperialism. The U.S. working class in particular must participate in and preferably lead the formation of a “popular front” including some elements of the more progressive and/or anti-imperialist petty bourgeoisie. We should do all we can to help strengthen and support (morally and tangibly) currently socialist or proto-socialist and anti-imperialist countries, and encourage the maintenance of a powerful alliance among them. The long-term, but not to be forgotten end goal, is worldwide communism.

American Party of Labor

Green Party – a predominantly left-liberal organization, but there are some socialists there who just don’t know it yet; engage working class “Greens” and try to influence them toward a more radical, socialist stance.

Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)

Peace and Freedom Party

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Socialist Alternative (affiliate of the Committee for a Workers’ International)

Socialist Equality Party

Workers Action

Workers World Party

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