ClandesTime 130 – Fake News and the Postmodern Condition

What is fake news? Where did it come from and why is it so profitable? In this week’s episode I consider whether fake news is a new thing, or simply a newly-popular name for methods of deceit that have existed for centuries.

Source: ClandesTime 130 – Fake News and the Postmodern Condition

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Iran protests: Reply to the WSWS response to my critique


You can find links to Ramin’s original piece and the WSWS Trotskyite response within this article as well. Hopefully you will be able to see how Trotskyism is a plague of arrogant ultra-leftism. I really hate those motherfuckers. – PC

via Iran protests: Reply to the WSWS response to my critique – The Greanville Post

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An image for our time: the two Koreas as one


What an image!


Ri Son Gwon, chair of the DPRK’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (left), shakes hands with Cho Myoung-gyon, the Unification Minister of the Republic of Korea (right). This was at the meeting today in Panmunjom, in the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas.

And again:


Amazing start to 2018, sidelining the international players and getting on with their own agenda. The footage of the gathering (found here) is stunning in its simplicity. And I was in this room in 2015 when I visited the DPRK.

It is worth noting that while the corporate media is trying to spin this development as an initiative from the ROK, it was actually Kim Jong Un who got the whole process going with his New Year address. Instead, we have to look to news outlets such as the Global Times to get the story right, use the…

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Kim Jong-Un’s new year address


This one is a beauty and worthy of note. In his new year address (for Juche year 107), Kim Jong-Un deployed the standard genre of communist speeches. It focuses on achievements in the past year, the international situation, problems that need to be addressed and the workers’ party. The section of most interest to observers is the following:

My New Year greetings go also to the compatriots in the south and abroad who are fighting for the reunification of the country and to the progressive peoples and other friends across the world who opposed war of aggression and gave firm solidarity to our cause of justice

As I have pointed out earlier, reunification has been a consistent policy of the DPRK since 1972, based on the two Koreas achieving reunification without outside interference and a bicameral system. We find these themes in the following section of the speech, with…

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Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers 2018 New Year Address in Beijing

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The Fascist Offensive by Georgi Dimitrov

fascist offensive

Read this book. You can find it on Amazon, just like practically everything. Below is the review I gave it there:

“History repeats itself, and this book is as relevant today as when it was first delivered as a report to the Comintern in 1935. The text does a great job of explaining just what fascism is and how the working class must fight it, primarily by organizing a united front with other centrist or center-left groups where the mass of the working class is found, including reformist trade unions. At only 120 pages it is a fairly quick and easy read. Another reviewer gave this work one star, claiming that there were lots of typos and that it was a “bad translation.” I found a few minor typos, but nothing major and certainly nothing that would detract from the substance of the content and its analysis and strategic plan for fighting fascism. I highly recommend this book!

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American Fascism


by Gary Weglarz

I find the “Trump is a Nazi” and “Trump empowers Nazis” narratives particularly fascinating given the actual history that the U.S. imported literally thousands of actual “real life” Nazis after WWII. Many of these were war criminals worthy of their own respective trials and executions, but instead they were incorporated into the CIA, military, medical research, and NASA among other institutional settings. Many other Nazis the CIA couldn’t get into the U.S. we assisted in escaping European justice and relocating to South America where they were useful in organizing our torture and death squad regimes over many decades. There is massive documentation of this history. Most Americans know little and care to know little of such unsavory details regarding the actual -‘Nazi origin story’- of our deep state structures.

The point being that the “deep state” apparatus that controls the U.S. has had no problem whatsoever embracing actual “real life Nazis” — with all the absolute ethical and behavioral corruption that simple fact entails. Meanwhile the MSM and public pretends none of this ever happened and uses the term “Nazi” instead as a designation of the despicable — “other.”

The dreaded “Nazi” of imagination in the liberal mind is the poor uneducated white kid somewhere in the south whose future looks like a brick wall and who while sitting in a prison cell for some petty crime gets exposed to white supremacist ideology and gets himself a swastika tatoo. Rest assurred this kid has no future WHATSOEVER being hired as a well paid shill for empire doing mind control, torture or “medical” research in some secret CIA program. We brought over “real” Nazis for that stuff. Perhaps a look into the mirror would be useful at this time, rather than continuing to use the word “Nazi” like it somehow isn’t a very real part of who we are historically as a nation.

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Dems And GOP Work Together Like A Boxer’s 1–2 Punch To Knock You Out

knock-out punch

“Democrats are able to stifle any American movement to the left on issues of economic justice and anti-corporatism by monopolizing the space meant for leftist politics and providing little if any pushback against the pro-war, pro-oligarchy, pro-corporatism agendas of the Republicans. Even when they controlled both houses and the White House, they advanced a corporatist Republican healthcare policy while continuing and expanding all of George W Bush’s wars. Sure they don’t shove things as far to the right as humanly possible when in office like Republicans do in the same way a jab rarely lands with fight-ending force, but they hold the space and measure the distance for a crushing knockout cross to your face as soon as the GOP regains power.”

Read the full article by Caitlin Johnstone on Medium. – PC

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EU: Imperialist Capitalism

Another great video and short lecture from The Finnish Bolshevik. This one explains how, despite the delusions of right-wing populists, the European Union has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything remotely progressive, much less socialist. – PC

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Why has Time magazine endorsed the #MeToo “revolution”?


False heroes chosen by a system grounded in profound hypocrisy and crime. Idiots, of course, believe it. – TGP

An excellent article calling out this latest identity politics and McResistance psyop. Click the link to read it at The Greanville Post. – PC

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