Noam Chomsky and the Compatible Left, Part II

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Noam Chomsky and the Compatible Left, Part I

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Happy 148th Birthday Rosa Luxemburg


1907 or 1908 maybe- rosa luxemburg- rls

Rosa Luxemburg was born on 5 March 1871 in the small Polish city of Zamosc and grew up in Warsaw. She earned a doctorate from Zurich University in 1897 and co-founded the Polish social-democratic party (SDKPiL). Living in Germany from 1898, she joined the German social-democratic party (SPD) and rose to prominence as a left-wing journalist, speaker and theorist. Imprisoned several times in Germany, she was active in the 1905 Revolution in Poland before returning to exile in Berlin. Luxemburg was a leading figure in the Second Socialist International and a campaigner against imperialism, war and dictatorship. She believed in socialism and democracy and called for the overthrow of the capitalist system.

During the First World War, Luxemburg was imprisoned for her anti-war activities and expelled from the SPD. She co-founded the Spartakusbund, which sought to end the war and overthrow the Kaiser and capitalism. During the German Revolution, which…

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The Emasculation of “Resistance”

bernie arrested

Bernie crying like a little bitch.

This image of Bernie Sanders from a late 1960’s Chicago protest has been put out there recently, and it is meant to big up Bernie’s credentials as a heroic resistance fighter. This is what passes for “resistance” in the United States. I’ve seen so many demonstrators resisting arrest by futilely struggling to get free, or by going limp, when the cops snatch them. It seems to be a twisted badge of honor among petty bourgeois liberals or ultra-left radicals to scream and cry and make a big fucking scene when they get arrested. I say have some dignity for Christ sake! I think more stoicism is called for in this situation. It doesn’t do any good for movement-building or for your own personal well-being to resist arrest and antagonize the police.

Is this image really inspiring to the masses? Is it going to encourage people to rise up and join the movement? I think not . . . and I think that’s the entire point.

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Don’t Say His Name

The Propaganda Professor


As you may have noticed, I long ago stopped saying the name of the forty-fifth White House occupant. In fact, I’ve even made a point of avoiding the use of his image wherever possible. And there will be popsicles in hell before I ever call him “President”. You may have assumed that this is personal, that it reflects a mere gut reaction to the man’s loathsomeness. Or that it’s some kind of superstitious hokum like the aversion to saying Voldemort in the Harry Potter books. Quite the opposite — it’s a logical, thought-out strategic decision.

I started thinking about this when I read a post by George Lakoff on his blog.  Lakoff, as you may know, is a former professor of linguistics at Berkeley and an expert on framing. The title of his book Don’t Think of an Elephant is a good indication of the frustrating challenges he tackles…

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An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup

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Can Maduro Emulate Castro and Assad to Keep NATO’s Imperialist Hands Off Venezuela?


Imperial logic I: External crises distract from internal ones

Empires with internal problems tend to create external crises to distract the public opinion and unite their political and economical ruling class in a fictitious nationalistic fervor. The current United States policy of overt regime change in Venezuela, backed entirely by its NATO vassals, follows an evergreen imperial playbook of creating new crises to obscure failures and divisions.

In addition to the administration’s overall incompetence, the legal investigations through the Mueller inquiry, and the failure to deliver to its MAGA sycophants their big wall, it has passed unnoticed, and it will never be admitted by US officials or media that the US imperial wars in Afghanistan and Syria are in fact lost. Assad will remain in power, and the US administration has publicly admitted that it was negotiating with the Taliban. The temptation for the empire’s ideologues is too strong not to follow the precept: when you have lost a war, you declare victory and you leave. And next time around, you try to pick a weaker target.

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Porkins Policy Radio 173 Hugo Turner on Elliot Abrams, Iran Contra, & War Crimes in Central America

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‘Operation Rusty’, The Reinhard Gehlen Org: CIA’s James Critichfield (1996)

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My Newest Book: The Proletarian Handbook

The Proletarian Handbook

It’s here! Buy it now! The Kindle version is available right now on Amazon. The print version should be available in a few days.

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