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Countering a Major Far Right Talking Point: Jewish Domination

A core belief among the far right is that Jews are taking over, or have already taken over, the United States; whether it’s Jewish bankers, Hollywood Jews or Jews in the federal government – Jews are everywhere! Although they will … Continue reading

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How to Identify a White Supremacist – Tip #2

Go to Google and type in “define white supremacy” and this is the definition that will pop up: “the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.” This definition covers all shades and degrees of racism, if there be such a thing; […]

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Right-Wing Populism in America

Right-wing populism and its “producerist” narrative are a unique feature of American politics and have been for a long time. It is vital to fully understand it in order to oppose it. I recommend the following article and books: ” … Continue reading

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Far-Right Conspiracy Theories – Then and Now

Alex Jones, America’s foremost purveyor of right-wing conspiracy theories, is simply repackaging Hitler’s sick fantasies and ravings of yesteryear. From Right-Wing Watch: “He [Alex Jones] said that the federal government is provoking people to the point that there could be … Continue reading

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Alex Jones is a Useful Idiot

Alex Jones is doing serious damage to any hope for a broad-based populist, progressive movement in the United States. It is my feeling that this guy is what might be called in the intelligence industry, an “unwitting asset” or a … Continue reading

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The Myth Of Hitler’s Gun Ban

The Myth Of Hitler’s Gun Ban » The Greanville Post Idiotic right-wing propaganda has to be countered. The “true faithful” are beyond redemption, but for those who haven’t already formed a strong opinion and who are not suffering from a … Continue reading

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Ron Paul, Tea Party: not our friends

Joining with right-wingers is a dead end for the Occupy movement (Originally published on Liberation News, November 9, 2011) Although the 99% can find commonality in our relationship to the tiny 1% of billionaires who own everything, the 99% come … Continue reading

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