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Empire Files: What the Russian Revolution Proved Possible


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Spy Culture – Intelligence Agencies and Popular Culture

I just discovered this awesome website. It seems right down my alley. I’ve written on this topic quite a bit myself. I call it entertainment propaganda, where film and TV in particular are laced with propaganda messages. I’m reading his … Continue reading

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Ooops! And what would ‘Remembrance Day’ be without a bit of remembering: WAR STORIES — David Swanson | World Beyond War

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Source: HUNTER OF STORIES by David Swanson, World Beyond War HUNTER OF STORIES The late Eduardo Galeano’s forthcoming book, Hunter of Stories, has five or ten sentences on each page — each page a tiny story, their combination…

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Politics Makes Strange Bed Fellows

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Revolution: 100 years young. Lenin’s socialist vision in capitalist world

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The revolt that shook the world

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History does not travel in a straight line. I won’t argue against that sentence being a cliché. Yet it is still true. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be still debating the meaning of the October…

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On Russia, Today’s Liberal Luminaries Take Their Cues From Fascists

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Viktor G. Tsyplakov, “Facing a Firing Squad,” 1945 It’s unlikely that most American news consumers have ever heard of Ukrainian nationalist groups like the OUN-B, but these days, ideas espoused by these groups will have a…

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The Mainstream and the Margins: Noam Chomsky vs. Michael Parenti

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Noam Chomsky is, as anyone reading this knows, a linguist, MIT professor, and the English-speaking world’s foremost radical dissident intellectual. Chomsky’s work in this latter capacity is so well-documented that it’s not necessary to recapitulate too…

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North Korea supports a Nuclear Ban, but cannot disarm when U.S has Nukes. United Nations, 16 Oct 2017

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North Korea slams United Nations failure to address the U.S. Nuclear Threat. 10 Oct. 2017

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