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North Korea Challenges Legal Basis for Latest UN Sanctions Resolution

Originally posted on what's left:
May 26, 2016 By Stephen Gowans The DPRK (North Korea) has asked the UN Secretary General to explain the legal grounds on which the Security Council issued a sanctions resolution branding the country’s recent…

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Why I Am a Communist!

by Andre Vltchek There are several essential messages literally shouting from the screen, whenever one watches ‘The Last Supper’ (La Ultima Cena), a brilliant 1976 film by a Cuban director Tomas Gutierrez Alea. . . Source: Why I Am a … Continue reading

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Countering Propaganda against Stalin, the Soviet Union and Communism

Here is the link to Dr. Grover Furr’s essay:  

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Entertainment Propaganda and Psywar: The X-Files, Season 10 Episode 4 (Home Again)

I recently wrote a piece using The X-Files as a case study in propaganda, particularly as it  pertains to the right-wing populist, new world order conspiracy theory. In the latest season of The X-Files you have this ongoing alien/NWO narrative … Continue reading

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Battle-tested hardware, jets over Moscow & female officers: Best moments from V-Day parade (VIDEOS) — RT News

Military aircraft back from Syria, now flying over Moscow, was one of the most impressive moments of this year’s Victory Day parade in Moscow. The only thing that could outshine that was a first-ever march by serving female officers in … Continue reading

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