Matt Florence: Why do Communists build states?

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The Finnish Bolshevik: Social-Democracy Can’t Fix Capitalism

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“The highest honor” – imperialist and proletarian; and the war on Syria — Sorry, Not Buying It | Cast Away Illusions

Taking Sides

According to many imperialist-nation patriots, the “highest honor” one can have is to fight and die for “my country”. You’ll find find this sentiment being expressed on TV, in church, in presidential statements, in movies, during speeches, on the radio, in homes and shopping malls, and many places of congregation. It is a sentiment believed by many conservatives and liberals alike, including those who oppose particular US imperialist wars and interventions. In the United States, it has attained the status of something like a state religion, and deviation from it is considered sacrilege and “anti-American” (to which I say: good).

“Fighting and dying for [insert imperialist aggressor of choice] s the highest honor” is really, when you think about, incitement to violence against the Third World. It is a statement to the effect of, “I’m going to keep honoring someone’s direct involvement and participation in imperialist aggression, regardless of whether…

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Socialism in Power (research project)


This project – involving Chinese and international researchers – seeks to provide the philosophical and historical framework for understanding the realities of socialism in power. Taking China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union as the principal case studies, it focuses on the crucial questions of the nature of the socialist state, democracy, civil society, and the role of the communist party. It also elaborates on the more abstract theoretical issues of contradiction, justice and human rights – issues that have significant practical implications. Since these topics remain relatively unexamined at a philosophical level, the task of this project is to take the first steps in a rigorous theoretical analysis.

The method is as follows: theoretical reflection on practice. The actual practice of socialism in power is rich in a century’s worth of primary material: from the 1917 October Revolution to ‘Socialism for the 21st Century’. This material arises from…

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Current CIA Operations in China


It has come to my attention that the CIA has fairly recently begun to shift its focus heavily toward China. Shocking isn’t it? One young lady interested in a career at the CIA was told that unless she could already speak Mandarin Chinese and was willing to live in China long-term, they were not at all interested in interviewing her for a job.

Shortly after hearing this story, I learned that a friend of mine’s cousin (an American) has been living in China for several years now and is married to a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Based on my extensive studies of the CIA and intelligence tradecraft, these stories got me thinking. I wonder if the CIA is trying to insert sleeper agents*, including Romeo agents*, into China in an effort to penetrate the Chinese Communist Party and other Chinese institutions. I can’t imagine why on earth the CIA would not attempt to do something like this. China is an officially designated enemy of the US because it is an economic and ideological competitor of the US; and it stands in the way of US conquest of the entire planet.

*These terms are pretty much what they sound like. A sleeper agent is an intelligence asset put in place and not activated (put to use) for many years. This helps establish a firm cover. A Romeo agent seduces and establishes a romantic relationship with someone with access to intelligence or who might be used as a witting or unwitting agent of influence, sabotage, disruption or whatever.

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