Porkins Policy Radio episode 169 Lucien Greaves and Joseph Flatley on Satanic Panic, ISSTD, and False Memories

I found this to be quite interesting, and also disturbing. This is an issue that needs to be brought to light. – PC

Porkins Policy Review

This week I am joined by journalist Joseph Flatley and Lucien Greaves the co-founder of The Satanic Temple. The three of us talked about the dangers of the recovered memory movement, the ISSTD, and the role that the conspiracy culture plays in this. Lucien discussed what the Satanic Temple does as an organization and why it is interested in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse for the pseudoscience that it is. We discussed several high profile cases involving the ISSTD, including the murder of Jude Mirra by his mother Gigi. Lucien talked about Gigi’s use of the ISSTD’s Dr. Ellen Lacter. We talked about Lacter’s role in Jude’s death and how the ISSTD handled it. We we also discussed why so many of the psychiatrists and mental health professionals that employ these dangerous methods are still able to practice medicine. We also touched on conspiracy figures such as David Shurter and Fiona…

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Democrats suddenly know how to fight… over a wall??!!!

Democrats fear a genuine left-wing strongman much more than they fear a far right one, if they fear it at all. I think this Trump phenomenon is one big psyop campaign. Trump is one of them. As distasteful as his (feigned) manner may be to some liberal / “moderate” elites, he’s the right man for the job at this time – to protect their capitalist system in crisis (or to forestall a crisis). – PC

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White Guilt, White Pride and White Privilege

I usually think of “privilege” as being strictly tied to economic or class status, but this is very well argued. I’m all for calling out “white privilege” as long as we don’t forget about class privilege. Ultimately, someone like Oprah Winfrey or the Obamas are much more privileged than the vast majority of white folks.

The Propaganda Professor

white prideWhite guilt, white pride and white privilege are all terms that get thrown about quite a bit these days. What do they really mean? How do they all fit together? To answer that, we must look at the behavior and mindset of those who enjoy (if that is the correct word) white privilege.

What defines “white privilege”, anyway? In the past, it was an easier phenomenon to identify.  White privilege meant being able to vote. It meant being able to live in the neighborhood you wanted to live in, go to the school you wanted to attend, work at the career you wanted to work at. It meant being able to drink from the same water fountain and use the same toilet as everyone else. It meant not having to worry so much about being lynched.

Today, these blunt injustices have been (mostly) eliminated. But that doesn’t mean white…

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The US war on China’s economic model

what's left

The growing hostility of Western governments to China is more about the interests of Western investors than legitimate security fears

December 30, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

The United States stations 320,000 troops in the vicinity of China [1], maintains a continuous B-52 bomber presence in the region, including over waters claimed by the East Asian giant, [2] and has sent its “most advanced warfighting platforms to the region, including multi-mission ballistic missile defense-capable ships, submarines, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft.” [3] The 2018 US National Defense Strategy lists China first among the United States’s “five central external threats” including “Russia, North Korea, Iran, and terrorist groups with global reach.” [4] The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has called China the “great threat for the U.S. in the long term.” [5] According to The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, the Trump administration considers China “the real enemy.” [6]

What has China…

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No matter how it appears, Trump isn’t getting out of Syria and Afghanistan

what's left

He’s just shifting the burden to allies and relying more on mercenaries

December 23, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

The announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria and the drawdown of US occupation forces in Afghanistan very likely do not represent the abandonment of US aims in the Middle East, and instead more likely reflect the adoption of new means of achieving longstanding US foreign policy goals. Rather than renouncing the US objective of dominating the Arab and Muslim worlds through a system of veiled colonialism and direct military occupation, US president Donald Trump is merely implementing a new policy—one based on shifting the burden of maintaining the US empire increasingly to allies and private soldiers bankrolled by oil monarchies.

Trump’s foreign relations modus operandi have been guided consistently by the argument that US allies are failing to pull their weight and ought to contribute more to the US security architecture…

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How YouTube Built a Radicalization Machine for the Far-Right


As Georgi Dimitrov wrote in The Fascist Offensive over 80 years ago, fascism is not a petty bourgeois or lumpenproletarian uprising, but rather a creation of the big bourgeoisie in order to crush a genuine progressive populist revolution. Fascism is capitalism in crisis where the most reactionary elements of the ruling class ruthlessly defend the capitalist system. – PC

Former extremists say they were sucked in by propaganda as teenagers, thanks to an algorithm’s dark side.

For David Sherratt, like so many teenagers, far-right radicalization began with video game tutorials on YouTube. He was 15 years old and loosely liberal, mostly interested in “Call of Duty” clips. Then YouTube’s recommendations led him elsewhere.

“As I kept watching, I started seeing things like the online atheist community,” Sherratt said, “which then became a gateway to the atheism community’s civil war over feminism.” Due to a large subculture of YouTube atheists who opposed feminism, “I think I fell down that rabbit hole a lot quicker,” he said.

Continued here.

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Liberals are “Moderate” Conservatives

chris hayes

Let there be no mistaking just what a bourgeois liberal is – and it’s important to understand that liberalism is a BOURGEOIS ideology. It attempts to put lipstick on that capitalist pig. The above quote very aptly sums it up, but there should be clarification as to what exactly is meant by the last part of the quote regarding “innate talent and drive.” As my book makes clear, the kind of talent and drive required involves an ambition that necessitates stepping over and screwing over your fellow man through attitudes and acts of dishonesty, callousness, hubris, elitism, classism (as one must generally begin with some measure of privilege in order to “succeed” in a capitalist society) and all-round inhumanity.

Liberals believe in a meritocracy that revolves around MONEY. Again, it is a purely bourgeois capitalist ideology in which money is the great equalizer. To a liberal, a brown person with wealth deserves a seat at the ruling class table – this is what makes them center-right / moderate conservatives. What makes the far right (ultra-conservative Republican types) worse, as far as it goes, is that they believe that one must have both wealth, PEDIGREE and WHITENESS in order to get a seat at the high table. That is the (small) difference between these two bourgeois ruling class camps.

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The True Nature of Evil in this World

It has occurred to me that right-wingers obsess over threats and evils that either do not exist at all or else are grossly exaggerated. They fixate on unreal supernatural threats or the vilest type of criminality like pedophilia (which seems to especially appeal to these sick fucks) that surely must exist, but its prevalence is greatly exaggerated in their twisted grand conspiracy theories as well as distracting from the true reason for injustice; it also reveals their own projected sick fantasies and obsessions. They are easily duped by ruling class propagandists and puppet-masters and distracted from the real evils of this world and the means and methods of defeating it. – PC

Demon Milton's Paradise 1885

Fake Evil



Real Evil



Imaginary Evil



Actual Evil


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Israel, A Beachhead in the Middle East

what's left

From European Colony to US Power Projection Platform

Available June 1, 2019

Pre-order now

One US military leader has called Israel “the intelligence equivalent of five CIAs.” An Israeli cabinet minister likens his country to “the equivalent of a dozen US aircraft carriers,” while the Jerusalem Post defines Israel as the executive of a “superior Western military force that” protects “America’s interests in the region.” Arab leaders have called Israel “a club the United States uses against the Arabs,” and “a poisoned dagger implanted in the heart of the Arab nation.”

Israel’s first leaders proclaimed their new state in 1948 under a portrait of Theodore Herzl, who had defined the future Jewish state as “a settler colony for European Jews in the Middle East under the military umbrella of one of the Great Powers.” The first Great Power to sponsor Herzl’s dream was Great Britain in 1917 when foreign secretary…

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The Proletarian Handbook – My New Book Coming Soon

worker and kolkhoz woman

I am nearly finished compiling most of my original blog postings for my next book called The Proletarian Handbook. This book will contain most of my original articles dating back to the creation of this blog nearly 8 years ago. For the first time you can have in print the commentary and analysis that you can only get from the one – the only – Prole Center!

I am planning on finishing up this project within the next couple of weeks and making it available in print and ebook format. Get ready!

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