A Look Into Donald Trump’s History With The WWE

I didn’t know about this until very recently! More evidence that US politics is just as fake as “professional” wrestling! There have been quite a few actors and pro wrestlers (performance artists) involved in American politics over the years, whether holding office or engaging in political activism and propaganda activities of various kinds. Now I hear that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is considering running for president in 2020. Hell, why not?! – PC

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TRUMP THROWS DOWN – Songify 2016

Can anyone really believe that US elections are real?! – PC

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Hillary Diss Track – Songify 2016

I think US electoral politics would actually be less ridiculous and more entertaining if they went all the way and did it like this. It’s all a circus anyway! – PC

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OOPS! CNN Caught In Blatant Propaganda Using Young Girl

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[RADIO] The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence

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The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence

July 17th, 2017
Featured Guest: STEPHEN GOWANS, author of Washington’s Long War On Syria.

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The Kurdish fighters in northern Syria have been making overtures for recognition by the US government, and have received support from some American liberals/leftists. Stephen Gowans explains that the formerly Marxist PKK has changed its ideology to “democratic federalism,” influenced by Murray Bookchin of the US. Its outlook resembles the old Bundist movement whose leaders established Israel.

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Interview with Stephen Gowans

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