North Korea supports a Nuclear Ban, but cannot disarm when U.S has Nukes. United Nations, 16 Oct 2017

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North Korea slams United Nations failure to address the U.S. Nuclear Threat. 10 Oct. 2017

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Countering a Major Far Right Talking Point: Jewish Domination

Nazi Troll Army

A core belief among the far right is that Jews are taking over, or have already taken over, the United States; whether it’s Jewish bankers, Hollywood Jews or Jews in the federal government – Jews are everywhere! Although they will sometimes use more diplomatic language by speaking of Israel or Zionists (which should be opposed as reactionary expressions of Western Imperialism), when someone fixates on Israel in such a way and claims that Israel, rather than the US is ultimately in control and responsible for the crimes of US imperialism, then these are serious red flags that what you have here is a far right-winger spreading hateful propaganda very similar to Hitler’s sick fantasies of yesteryear. To counter these Nazi scum, who seem to have taken over the comments section of YouTube and many other websites, you might try responding with talking points like these:

  • There are some Jews in government and the media. So what? There are mostly WASPs – White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And even if the ruling class were mostly Jewish, why would that matter so much? Is it better to be oppressed and exploited by white Christian elites?! The capitalist system is the problem, not any particular ethnic group. You are barking up the wrong tree. And what constitutes a Jew? Is it their religion or their ethnicity (real or imagined) that you find so offensive? What would you think of a Jew who opposed Israel (the 51st state) and was against exploitation by banks and big business? Would you be okay with them?


  • Yeah, Marx was Jewish. So what? He was an atheist also. Why does it matter so much what ethnic background someone comes from? I think you are actually projecting your own sick fantasies and dark motives onto others. Not everyone thinks like you.


  • [For when they inevitably start fixating on bankers and the federal reserve]: Why not focus on the capitalist system in its entirety as the problem, and not just various institutions or aspects of it? You need to put all the pieces together and quit messing with those insane far right conspiracy theories. The CIA helped propagate that garbage to drive people away from communism – humanity’s only hope.


  • The American capitalists want to conquer the world so they can exploit its people as wage slaves and plunder its natural resources. What is wrong with that explanation? Why do you have to insert Israel in to everything? Israel is the 51st state. The Americans taught that dog to squat. The problem is the bourgeoisie / capitalists and their capitalist imperialist system.


  • If there are Jews who want to control the world then they must be far right ultra-nationalists. What do you want to replace it with, then? White nationalism? Would it be better if the elites were white Christians? Would exploitation and oppression be better under a white Christian ruling class instead? Would that make it more bearable or acceptable for you? Exploitation is exploitation. I’m opposed to all forms of far-right ideology whether it be Jewish supremacy, white supremacy, whatever. I think you’re the one who wants to control the world for the white race and you are projecting that motivation and worldview on to others. You think others think the way you do.


For more on this topic see:

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The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives in America


Genuine liberals (who believe what they say) are unrealistic and fanatic in their belief in bourgeois democracy, civil rights and their “humanitarian” interventions to promote these things.

Genuine conservatives (who believe what they say) are also unrealistic and fanatic in their beliefs in religion, the supernatural, tribalism and white supremacy.

The former group are actually conservatives since they want to preserve the status quo of bourgeois liberalism / democracy / capitalism; and the latter should really be considered ultra-conservatives (or far right) since they want to roll the clock back and return to the status-quo ante.

Here are a couple of other short pieces on what distinguishes the right from the far right:

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CrossTalk: Imagining Russia (Extended Version)

I don’t like this show, or RT in general, as much as I used to, but I thought this was a very interesting and enlightening conversation. I do wish Peter Lavelle would shut the hell up and let his guests speak more and not interrupt them so much. I found most of the guests’ comments to be very instructive, but especially the American guy in the middle and the British historian on the right both helped to elucidate the current chapter of American Imperialism we are dealing with. They also put “Russophobia” in a correct historical context and also dealt with the US Empire’s relationship with China and other nations resisting American hegemony. – PC

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