Does Social Media Sell Us a Rope to Hang Capitalism?


by Hiroyuki Hamada

While some people are campaigning to get friends off Facebook due to its authoritarian censorship, I would also like to note that my Facebook network has been a great tool in learning about the hidden mechanisms of our time–often in high resolution, close-up details.  Through Facebook posts I have learned who Muammar Gaddafi really was, what he meant for the Libyan people, and why the West was determined to destroy Libya.  I have learned how the Western governments tried to destroy Syria.  I have learned the century old history of the Western project to destroy Russia.  I have learned how the corporate political party duopoly sells us projects of exploitation and subjugation through their good cop/bad cop marketing scheme.  I have learned how sociopolitical, economic and cultural institutions perpetuate a capitalist hierarchy according to the interests of the ruling class.  

Many of us are learning the structural mechanism of how the global capitalist hierarchy places people under the rule of corporatism, colonialism and militarism, while shelling out schemes after schemes to blind us, divide us, exploit us and subjugate us.  One of my FB friends, the historian Luciana Bohne described what Facebook does with the old saying which is often ascribed to Lenin: “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

Continued at Global Research

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Ancient Astronauts, Soviet Geopolitics, and the Spitsbergen UFO Hoax


Interesting article regarding the CIA’s UFO psywar against the Soviet Union. – PC

by Jason Colavito

With the publication this month of Nick Redfern’s Pyramids and the Pentagon, another in his series of UFO and ancient mystery conspiracy books based on U.S. government documents released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), I’ve decided to examine some of the CIA and NSA files Redfern cites in his many books as important evidence for piecing together the story of government involvement in the exploration of ancient astronauts and other extraterrestrial mysteries. This is the second piece in my series on the U.S. government’s FOIA files.

Is this the CIA’s smoking gun in ancient astronaut studies? Did the CIA know months before the publication of Chariots of the Gods (1968) that ancient astronauts flew through earth’s prehistoric skies? The following memo from the CIA archives would seem to confirm that they did. The relevant paragraphs are as follows (original spelling retained):
“Some people think that UFOs have appeared in the earth’s atmosphere only during the past two decades. This is not the case. The UFO phenomenon has been observed throughout the history of mankind. There are medieval and ancient reports strikingly similar to our own. Among the earlier UFO reports, as an example, may be the well-documented observations of a ‘large saucer’ in 1882 and a ‘procession of bolides’ in 1913. These reports still await investigation. The most remarkable UFO phenomenon is the famous ‘Tungusky meteorite.’ In recent years Soviet scientists have established that the Tungusky explosion had every parameter of an atmospheric nuclear blast. The USSR Academy of Sciences Reports (Volume 172, Nos. 4 and 5, 1967), include studies by Alexei Zolotov which attempt to prove that the Tungusky body could not be a meteorite or a comet.” (Source)
A close reading of the document shows that it is not, in fact, confirmation that the US government believed in ancient astronauts, but rather that CIA analysts were following Soviet ancient astronaut developments closely for what they had to say about potential Soviet weapons programs and technological developments.

The document is actually an English translation [edit: actually a CIA abstract of an article written in English] of ufologist Feliz Ziegel’s 1968 Soviet Life article advocating for the study of UFOs in the months when Ziegel was pressuring the Soviet government to launch an official UFO inquiry, a request the Soviet government denied. By 1970, the Soviet Academy of Physics denounced Ziegel’s claims, including ancient astronauts and a nuclear blast at Tunguska, as “fables.” Not only that, but the article contains little original research; its ancient astronaut claims had been floating around Soviet circles since 1959.

The CIA translated [edit: abstracted] this article as part of its longstanding effort to keep abreast of Soviet science. Out of context, it looks like CIA interest in ancient astronauts. In context, it is one of thousands of Soviet news reports and journal articles translated or abstracted on a bewildering variety of subjects. The CIA may have been interested in UFOs and ancient astronauts, but only because they could be used as leverage in the Cold War.

Interestingly, the American embassy in Moscow sent Washington an unclassified airgram—a secret communication by diplomatic pouch—on February 20, 1968 following up on this Soviet Life article and reporting that a new article by V. Lyustiberg “debunks flying saucers completely.” The author, the embassy said, “makes no attempt to square this belief with previously published Soviet articles, including that rather spectacular article primarily for U.S. consumption in Soviet Life.” The State Department could not have then known of the growing disapproval of UFO studies in the Soviet government or the efforts to end Zeigel’s pseudoscientific investigations.

The embassy attached a copy of Lyustiberg’s article and someone at the NSA carefully circled a paragraph reporting on “an abandoned silvery disc” found buried in a Norwegian coal mine on an island in Spitsbergen in 1952, “pierced and marked by micrometer impacts.” It was, the article said, “sent to the Pentagon” where it disappeared. Upon receipt, the NSA marked this paragraph with the word “PLANT” in all caps, demonstrating that the U.S. government was in the business of fooling the Soviets with false UFO reports. Unfortunately, the report fooled many Western ufologists, and when the story’s false premises began to unravel (witnesses, for example, turned out to be fictive), the tale was put down to fabrication on the part of a news reporter.

Spitsbergen was (and is) a coal-rich Norwegian island in the Svalbard archipelago high in the Arctic.

This much is well-reported in the ufological literature, including several books by journalist Nick Redfern. He dismisses the Spitsbergen crash as a government hoax, but does no additional probing to find out why it might have occurred. He simply implies nefarious government conspiracies of no certain purpose by the “all powerful” NSA (Body Snatchers in the Desert, 2005, p. 181).

CIA documents, however, present a plausible reason for the UFO hoax cover story, one that ufologists like Redfern would easily have found in the FOIA documents publicly available on the CIA website had they expanded their search beyond the keyword “UFO” and took the time to put together the clues scattered across a range of strategic documents. From these, the following story emerges relatively clearly:

1952 was the same year that the CIA began monitoring the Yakutsk Cosmic Ray Station, a Soviet research facility whose work remained mysterious through the 1950s. (It was monitoring neutron radiation from space, but the CIA thought it might have served as cover for nuclear research.) The site is a relatively short hop across the North Pole from Spitsbergen, and Spitsbergen was the closest Western territory to Yakutsk in 1952. The U.S. expressed strategic interest in Spitsbergen from at least World War II, and declared it a strategic imperative to monitor Soviet activities in concessions the USSR claimed in the Svalbard archipelago, where the CIA feared the USSR might build a covert air or submarine base to attack Europe or the United States. The USSR had demanded Norway cede Bear Island and other Svalbard archipelago territories to the Soviet Union in 1944 and 1946, a request Norway rejected. Translated Soviet material kept classified by the CIA until 2009 confirms that the Soviets viewed Spitsbergen as an essential territory to control for unrestricted nuclear-armed submarine warfare against NATO.

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What Is MMT And How It Works w/Stephanie Kelton

Basically, the financial industry, the US treasury, and capitalism in general is a fucking scam. – PC

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The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest


The Satanic Temple is a progressive atheist political action group. Who knew such things existed? They use Satan as a symbol of free thought and of rebellion against tyranny. These guidelines for effective protest they have come up with are actually very good . . . or evil? – PC

The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest


  1.  Protest is an act of free speech, and protesters must respect free speech
  • Free speech does not include the right to harass, slander, or incite violence
  • Being offended is not the same as being harassed; The Satanic Temple offends many people because they are offended by Satan, but that does not give others the right to silence us
  • If you think people should not have the right to offend others, then you should not be involved with protest because that assertion offends The Satanic Temple


  1.    Have a clearly articulated position with tenable demands and a practical well-defined statement for what constitutes achieving your goals
  • If the mission is to end the persecution of some group, this is not a meaningful goal because the objective is vague and open to subjective opinions regarding what constitutes persecution and whether that persecution is coming from a source that can be confronted. Concerns must be narrowly defined
  • Do not presume a broad following is indicative of a coherent plan for constructive change. Catchy slogans and unattainable goals may yield a large following with substantial financial backing, but they will not lead to beneficial social transformation in the absence of articulated objectives that are feasible and they will likely promote social divisiveness and exhaust the revolutionary energy of supporters


  1.    Effective protest is founded on a legitimate theory of change that is exemplified by the structure of IF I do X, THEN Y will happen BECAUSE Z.
  • For example, IF TST forms a Satanic organization with sincerely held beliefs and demands the same rights that are granted to other religious entities, THEN either a broader range of people will also be able to enjoy these privileges or certain privileges will no longer persist for an arbitrary elite BECAUSE of the legal protections and rights under the First Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Raising consciousness can be legitimate if it is part of a well-conceived broader strategy, but it is not legitimate as a goal because awareness of injustice does not lead to ending injustice without a strategy. If you are being brutally attacked by a madman, would you want thousands of people to know you are being attacked through the raising of awareness or would you want even just one person to physically intervene?
  • If you cannot come up with a legitimate theory of change, you do not have a viable approach
  • It is easy to convince oneself that an ill-conceived theory of change is legitimate, so run your theory of change by intelligent impartial third parties to make sure it is sound


  1.  Protest must be based on a principle as opposed to identity politics. Everyone benefits from the pursuit of well-conceived principles
  • If you oppose all discrimination based on religion, then you stand for a principle; however, if you only oppose discrimination of Satanists, then your movement is divisive and counter-productive because you are only looking to protect one group and thereby establish a new privileged class by disregarding other groups that are affected by the same kind of discrimination
  • Virtue is defined by the quality of one’s principles, not by the degree of one’s victimhood


  1.  Stay focused on specific issues and do not adopt issues that you think are analogously related
  • Oppressed groups are not all alike; adopting the agenda of another oppressed (or seemingly oppressed) group and merging it with your movement will co-opt your movement and undermine its integrity


  1. Stand for issues and principles – do not reflexively support the entire agenda of parties, organizations, or individuals
  • Fighting partisan politics with partisan politics avoids any possibility for engaging in introspection and leaves little hope for constructive outcomes
  • Defend principles not people. If you support or ignore overreaches of power because they are claimed by a politician or political party you support, those new powers will carry forward to those whom you may not support
  • By standing for issues, there are more options for commonality with people who may otherwise have become adversaries


  1.  Do not allow narratives to prevail over facts
  • When well-intentioned individuals, organizations, journalists, or filmmakers play fast and loose with facts in the service of a narrative, they dramatically undermine legitimate causes when the facts come to light
  • If you rely on propaganda, staged reporting, distortions, half-truths, or outright lies in the service of a “greater truth,” that should be a wake-up call that your position is unsound and should be abandoned


  1.  Restrict your movement to people who believe in the principles of your movement
  • Allowing your protest movement to be open to anyone with an agenda results in a lack of focus
  • A small group of people committed to addressing the same issue will accomplish more than a large group united under one banner, but with competing interests


  1.  If your protest calls for the deprivation of rights and liberties of others, intimidates others, harasses or threatens others, silences others, then you are an enemy of freedom no matter what the justification


  1. Engaging in, promoting, inciting, and/or celebrating physical violence that deliberately targets civilians is never justifiable
  • If you justify your involvement with people who deliberately try to murder civilians by invoking a narrative about justice, then you are dangerously delusional



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Centrists Are Just Conservatives In Denial

Ron Placone unveils a new political term: CID’s (Conservatives in Denial). I like it! – PC

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What is Trump?

About Trump

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China drops the hammer and sickle on celebrity multi-millionaire

Fan Bingbing

“Three months ago, one of the country’s best known actors went missing. Now, seemingly chastened, she has reappeared with a bill for £112m in unpaid taxes and fines” (The Guardian)

I found this article in The Guardian to be quite interesting. It’s worth taking a look at, but if you have any degree of working class consciousness at all you might take a very different lesson from this incident than that which the bourgeois editors / propagandists at The Guardian would like!

Here is one interesting tidbit that describes China’s attitude toward its film industry and bourgeois / celebrity class that is tolerated there (apparently within certain limits):

“But this summer the authorities apparently decided to take action. Already the content of Chinese films is carefully vetted and must promote “core socialist values”. Then, in June, official agencies announced a joint clampdown on actors’ pay, citing not only tax evasion but “money worship”, “the youth blindly chasing celebrities” and “distorted social values”. In August, nine major production companies issued a joint pledge to cap actors’ salaries at 40% of total production costs, and lead actors’ salaries at 70% of the cast’s total pay. The same month, Huang was linked to a scandal involving share-price manipulation and questioned by the authorities. He denied any involvement, but still publicly apologised for his “indiscretion in wealth management”. Then, last month, a Beijing university published the Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report, ranking the 100 top celebrities. Fan Bingbing came last. The authorities have warned that others will face penalties and “administrative punishment” like Fan if they do not “undergo self-examination and make remedial payments to taxation authorities” before the end of the year.”

And this:

“Applying such blunt force to the entertainment industry would be new, but not entirely out of character. “President Xi Jinping has made it very clear that he wants to do away with elites and the fetishism around money and certain forms of power,” says Caster. “If you have people looking to what celebrities do and say online versus what the party dictates, that may be very plausibly part of it. Anything that rises to a level of social, economic or political power is seen as a threat to the supremacy of the Communist party.” We are unlikely to ever know what exactly Fan Bingbing underwent, but the implication is clear: if the authorities can get to the biggest celebrity in the land, they can get to anyone.”

That last sentence is rich! I, for one, would interpret this event quite differently. It seems to me that, in China, rich people are NOT above the law. Personally, I’d like to see China crack down on the bourgeoisie there much more, to say the least, but this is good news that points to China being a socialist country. The ruling elite in China is not a bourgeois capitalist class, but the Communist Party. Good for China!

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GetYourNewsOnWithRon LIVE 10-9-18

I got to contribute a bit to this discussion by chat. Lots of fun! – PC

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Graphic Depiction of the “Four Corners” of the Political Spectrum


Just before posting this I suddenly realized (after reading the news headline text of the bottom left corner) that the Libertarian Left graphic could be construed as being quite racist. If you ignore the text or otherwise decide not to “take it there,” this meme does give a very good overall impression of the four main political “extremes.” – PC


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Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic – The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century

I found this to be quite interesting. Religious fundamentalism must be destroyed! – PC

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