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Thank god we were given a choice! Ain’t democracy great? – PC

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Understanding North Korea

what's left

By Stephen Gowans

“Che Guevara visited Pyongyang around (1965) and told the press that North Korea was a model to which revolutionary Cuba should aspire.” [1]

North Korea is a country that is alternately reviled and ridiculed. Its leader, Kim Jong-il, is demonized by the right and — with the exception of Guevera in 1965 and many of his current admirers — mocked by the left. Kim is declared to be insane, though no one can say what evidence backs this diagnosis up. It’s just that everyone says he is, so he must be. If Kim had Che’s smoldering good looks he may have become a leftist icon, leader of “the one remaining, self-proclaimed top-to-bottom alternative to neo-liberalism and globalization,” as Korea expert Bruce Cumings puts it.[2]

Available from Baraka Books Instead, the chubby Kim has become a caricature, a Dr. Evil with a bad haircut and ill-fitting clothes…

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Pyongyang Hosts Its First Beer Festival

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Bomb Threat – Marcel Cartier & Agent of Change

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Matt Florence: The propaganda war against North Korea

One more from Matt Florence. The first few minutes are a rehash of the earlier North Korea video I posted, but the rest of it contains new material. – PC

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