George Carlin: Voting is Meaningless

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10 Responses to George Carlin: Voting is Meaningless

  1. terrilee says:

    I’ll say! If you’re not sure, just check this out: At both the DNC and the RNC Theatrical Convention performances they held a public ‘vote’. A party leader would go up to the podium and ask the audience to say ‘YAY’ if they agreed or ‘NAY’ if they opposed. Whichever roar was ‘louder’ should have indicated the choice of the voters. However — guess what? The TELEPROMPER for each has pre-written the OUTCOME of the YAY or NAY vote before the audience responded. Watch this very public act of deceit fro yourself:

  2. Prole Center says:

    Yeah, that pretty much says it all. Hopefully this lesson will really sink in with the American public of all political persuasions. Boycott the sham vote!

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