Review of “Animal Farm” (1954 & 1999 Films)

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Hailed by capitalist literary critics, Trotskyites and anarchists as a masterpiece, the mediocre book Animal Farm has served a very important role in distorting the history of socialism in the Soviet Union. Modern editions of the book hail author George Orwell’s selfless journalistic integrity in producing the work, which is said to be a totally accurate portrayal of life under socialism.

But a close examination tells differently. Especially important in understanding the true reason Animal Farm is still crammed down the throats of the public are the two film versions of Animal Farm.

“The CIA obtained the film rights to “Animal Farm” from Orwell’s widow, Sonia, after his death and covertly funded the production as anti-Communist propaganda. Some sources assert that the ending of the story was altered by the CIA (in the book, the pigs and humans join forces) to press home their message[.]” [1].

The CIA…

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One Response to Review of “Animal Farm” (1954 & 1999 Films)

  1. beetleypete says:

    You only have to read ‘Homage to Catalonia’ to see how Orwell became disillusioned during the Spanish Civil War, later venting his frustrations in other works, and blaming the Communists for most of what went wrong in that war. He saw it all from his own perspective, so the content of Animal Farm should be no surprise. What is a surprise, is how the book is still held in such high esteem, and taught in schools, as if it is fact.
    Good critique, and long overdue. Regards, Pete.

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