Chernobyl Disaster Could Have Been CIA Sabotage


This is one of those sad chapters of history that we may never get all the answers to. Obviously, I can’t say for sure that the CIA sabotaged the Chernobyl plant without proof, but I can speculate. I am a bit surprised, by the way, that no one else seems to be talking about this. What I can state with total confidence is that the CIA and the U.S. ruling class behind it absolutely had the will to do such a thing and they absolutely benefited from it – exploiting it for maximum propaganda effect in addition to the enormous damage done to the Soviet economy. What is more, as the link below makes clear, the CIA had done something like this before.

CIA plot led to huge blast in Siberian gas pipeline

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7 Responses to Chernobyl Disaster Could Have Been CIA Sabotage

  1. beetleypete says:

    In a world full of subterfuge and double dealing on a vast scale, who can ever be sure about the reasons behind any large disaster? You may well be right. I would certainly not be at all surprised.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. And who can reassure us, in the bottom line, that this was not a well orchestrated sabotage, of the Soviets themselves, EXACTLY in order to undermine the Ukrainian ability, of producing dairies, and support it self on agriculture basis, in the future?! (….the agricultural fields around Chernobyl, and in the general vicinity, for instance, are among the biggest and most fertile, in the whole of the country!)
    Perhaps, a “think tank” of that time, might have come up with a possible scenario, of our world as it is today, and tried this way, to “secure” Russian’s grip, in the area, for the years to come!
    Think about it people!…..This way, he contaminates, the entire northern part of the country, and years later, when the thugs of NOVORUSSIYA (….a plan that existed in the Russian side, ever since the early 20’s ……AAAND…WITH THE ASSISTANCE – then – OF THE BOLSHEVIKS THEMSELVES!)…appear, and manage to extend their occupation from Kharkiv, all the way to Odessa, the poor Ukrainians, not only losing their entire eastern and souther country, but suddenly they end up, with their backs against the contaminated area, AAAND…without the necessary stock in dairies and agricultural goods any longer, that could help them, survive! Under such conditions, Ukraine would have very little chances to survive! Did any of you, ever thought about that possibility, too?!

  7. Prole Center says:

    Damn, that’s quite a theory. I think mine is much more plausible.

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